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The AK-74 assault rifle is the modernized version of the AK-47 developed in 1974, chambered in a smaller cartridge (5.45 x 39 mm vs. 7.62 x 39 mm). The weapon went into mass-production in 1976. The newest variant, the AK-74M, is the main service rifle for the Russian Federation armed forces and has been since the early 1990's. When it first appeared, the AK-74 was assumed to be a limited-production version to equip special forces. In reality, the Soviet Union was to mass-produce this rifle to replace their inventory of AKM weapons en masse.

Like its parent AK-47 and AKM weapons, the AK-74 is a magazine-fed, selective-fire, intermediate caliber assault rifle with a rigid piston gas system and rotating bolt locking mechanism. The stamped sheet metal receiver is borrowed from the earlier AKM. The AK-74 has other differences from the AKM, notably the distinctive muzzle brake. This muzzle brake drastically cuts the already mild recoil and muzzle climb of the AK-74 but has the negative effect of increasing noise and muzzle blast. Current production versions also employ a mounting rail on the left side of the receiver for fixing a telescopic or night vision sight. Besides the Soviet Union and its successor states, the AK-74 was widely adopted by many Soviet client states and other nations, in particular users of the AK-47 and the AKM, although not nearly as extensively as those rifles. Like the AK-47 and the AKM, the AK-74 was copied both illicitly and under license by many of its operators. Yugoslavia license built the weapon as the M80, and it was featured prominently among many of the armed forces operating in the country during the 1990s. It remains the service weapon for many of the former Yugoslav republics. Semi-automatic variants of the AK-74 have gained in popularity with gun owners in the United States due to laws there restricting ownership of machineguns. Civilian rifles (and pistols) based on the Kalashnikov include a hodgepodge of features from various countries even in caliber 5.56 x 45 mm. Captured AK-74s and several variants thereof have also been used by the Taliban, Al-Quaeda, and Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, and by Osama Bin Laden and his subordinates in videos and interviews.

Company Background
I Chih Shivan Enterprise ( ICS ) was founded in 1983, in the early stage mainly concentrated in airgun and gas-pistol development and production. Until recent years, AEG undoubtly will be the market main stream, the related products in the current market mainly imported from Japan, therefore, the pricing is extremely high but also after sales services and spare part also poses a difficulty to airsoft lovers. In 1998, ICS decided to devote totally into the research and development of AEG, with best quality and pricing to airsoft lover as their main objective. However, their first MP5 Series failed horribly, but soon they corrected the problems, and ICS soared. Recently they innovated the M4 series by designing a split gearbox and spring decompression button.


Gear Box - Ver.3
Motor – ICS Turbo 3000
Magazine – 550 (2 included)
Length – 960mm
Barrel Length – N/A
Weight – 3,000 grams
Battery – 8.4v Large Battery
Muzzle Velocity – 300 fps

Initial Impressions
Upon opening the box I was stunned. Unlike normal AEGs, this particular AEG was packed as if meant for a king. The beautifully crafted gun lies in a sea of maroon cloth, accompanied by two 550 round high capacity magazines (a really nice treat compared to other AEGs). After the visual treat you receive upon opening this box, your first reaction is to pick it up. The gun is incredibly solid and packs a hefty weight out of the box. You will also notice the gun is a bit long, in my opinion this is great for picking off long distance targets.

Lets move on, the magazines are built well, there is a “door” that opens up which allows you to pour BBs inside. Each magazine (2 are included) have a maximum capacity of 550 BBs. They fit in like any standard “AK-type” rifle. The front notch fits into the mag well, and the back simply clicks in. I have also tried CA, G&G, VFC, and TM mags, they all fit fairly well, and have no major feeding problems that I have encountered.

Next, the battery is loaded into the stock, by simply pushing down on the butt plate, the plate will then detach, and will allow you to slip the battery into the hollow stock, after connecting the wire. Simply take the butt plate and reverse the process to attach it back on. Unlike regular AK-47, the advantage of this gun is that the butt plate is textured, which allows it to grip easily to your body, without slipping during times of combat.

Adjusting the sights are simple. To adjust the rear, push on the the 2 "buttons" on the rear sight, and while holding them down, slide it up or down. To adjust the front sight, a device is included to adjust the height.

The flashider is also quite simple to remove. Depress the "pin/button" which locks the flashider, then while holding it down with your fingertip, unscrew the flashider. The flashider is 14mm CCW thread, which is pretty much standard, and can take most silencers, for that sleek look or longer barrel you might be looking for.

Now, down to my favorite part of this gun, the cocking handle. It is probably the first instinct you get when you lift this beauty out of the box. The movement is extremley smooth, and just like the real gun it can be pulled all the way back. Upon releasing the handle, you will feel the momentum of the solid chunk of metal moving forward and smacking the inside of the gun. The sound is very satisfying. The top cover can be removed and so can the spring. The gearbox is colored black, and the motor is the extremley high torque ICS Turbo-3000.

Build Quality
As soon as you take the gun out of the box, you can feel the weight of this rock solid gun. Unlike Tokyo Marui guns you can feel absolutely no flexing in this weapons, thanks to the full metal construction. Even during combat you will not have to worry if you might accidentally snap or crack a part on this weapon. The quality of the ICS AK-74M, in my opinion, is one of their most well constructed airsoft replicas so far.

What's So Special?
One of the best features of this gun is that it includes a pre-mounted side mount plate. The side mount plate/rail, enables the user to attach a scope mount or picatinny rail over the top of the gun. The furniture on this weapon is also very nice, it is flat black, and appears to be made out of high density plastic. The front grip has a grip, and the stock has a sling loop (doesn't look very sturdy though).

Concluding Notes
Even though I did not purchase this gun, and it is a sample at the time of my writing, it is a joy to have the gun in my hands. Overall, the gun is extremely satisfying to hold and shoot. The weapon also adds a bit more flavor to the airsoft matches, since most people have Armalite-type weapons.

Pros: Cheap, 2 magazines included, nice box, heavy, solid build and quality.
Cons: A little too long for some people and CQB, a little heavy for some people.

Final Grading

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King Arms M4 Troy CQB A3 Combat AEG

Details of the TROY CQB A3 Compact AEG

    * Full Metal AEG
    * 7mm Bearing Gear Box.
    * 7' Free Floating Forearm Rail System
    * 10.5' One Piece Outer Barrel
    * Bolt Lock System
    * 300 Rds Magazine Included
    * Weight: 2.8kg
    * Length: 67-75cm


    * This model comes with a nice grip, with pressure switch possibilities.
    * Rail covers are included!
    * A hi-cap magazine is included
    * The bolt catch/lock system is a nice feature
    * Comes standard with a good crane stock
    * Nice BUIS Rear Sight (Troy Folding Battle sight)
    * Nice tight fit with Marui and CA mags (Perhaps even better than the KA mag)


    * There is too much wobble in the crane stock.
    * The hi-cap magazine filling cap has a different, less durable design.
    * The selector switch is way too smooth.
    * FPS comes at 310 FPS, this should be at least 330FPS standard.
    * Hard installation of the battery in the Crane Stock

The Verdict

We were impressed by the overall construction of this AEG from King Arms. There are however a few downsides that we have taken note of. Also many many possitive items we mentioned. This AEG is rock solid, comes very complete and has a good competitive pricing. So overall a good AEG from King Arms, hope they can supprise us even more with great AEG models.

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KJW M700 Takedown Version



This review is about the all new KJ Works (KJW) M700 sniper rifle. It's a really popular sniper rifle and often used by military and police. This KJW M700 series are actually a clone on Tanaka Works products and marketed with a much lower price. Build materials and design are more or less the same, and, fortunately or unfortunately, BB magazines between KJW and TW are not interchangeable! So let's see what we get for this lower price. A golden rule in airsoft is; "what you pay is what you get!". Will this also apply to the KJW M700 Take-Down version? We would also like to thanks Kent Wu personally from who enabled us to make this review, thanks a lot! Now let's see and find out more about this sniper rifle...



Facts and features

Let’s start with the facts of this rifle. What is this gun able to? These are the stock specifications. Later on in our tests these facts will be verified.


Product Name KJ Works M700 Take-Down Version
Model Number  KJW-M700TD
Weight  3600 gram
Length 1168mm
Barrel Caliber 6.1mm
Bullet Capacity 11 rounds
Bullet 6mm BB
Initial Bullet Speed 450-600 FPS
Hop-Up Adjustable
Gas Type Can handle up to 12kg/cm2 gas
Firing Mode  Single Shot Bolt Action / Gas

First Impression
Personally i am an Armalite fan and love modifications of the M16 and M4 rifle's. However this M700 gave me the change to feel and deal with a sniper rifle. I have to say it really is fun to be a sniper and often provides a real kick when hitting a person 50 meters away and he is still not knowing who has shot him :)

My first impression on this rifle was amazing. The size (size does matter! :)), feel, power and sound were all great! I really needed to go to Belgium and play with this rifle. When i received my scope and mounted it with some rings, installed the bipod and found i nice sling i was all ready to go. I only played in woodland environments so far, now I am really looking forward to play with it in a more city landscape sitting on a nice spot somewhere on the roof!

The gun came very well packed in the box with more than enough foam. So it arrived logically undamaged. Included are a manual (which not seems to be adjusted for the Take-Down version) and exploded drawing including english translations. The manual scans can be found below. Also included are a loading tube, some 100 round bb's for testing (brand unknown) and an adjustment tool. All looks pretty standard to me. The only thing we miss is something to clean the inner barrel of the rifle, a cleaning rod definately needs to be added in the box. Remark that this rifle comes with an orange tip since it is imported from the USA. In Europe the orange tip is not needed and can be removed, we highly recommend this since the orange tip wil be spotted very fast in the field.

Well this gun has an awesome feel, the weight is excellent and balanced well along the rifle. The gun is very solid and looks like the real thing as its all metal and ABS. The foregrip is quite thick as well as the hand grip. The texture on the stock is great and is very pleasant. The rubber but plate is also good, has a nice rubber finish and is attached well.

The bolt action function operates pretty good, I love not having to pull too hard , with the m700 there is hardly any resistance. At first it operates a little stiff, as with all rifles, but once I've shot quite a few rounds with the rifle the action loosened up quite a bit. Now the gun operates very very easy and with some practive the loading is very smooth and fast!

The gun comes very complete with sling attachments and a good solid scope rail. Nothing to complain here! The surface feel also really good and has a nice finish. Also easy to clean when needed. We do miss some standard sights, which are on the picture in the manual but not on this Take-Down version.

Regard trademarks, there are no original trademarks on this rifle. Only 2 KJW trade marks. One on the but plate (a little KJW logo) and one on the left side of the scope mount stating "manufacturered by KJWORKS".

Internally the take-down system is really important. The main reason why you would buy a take-down system is to transport this huge rifle in a rather convenient way. Actually the gun box is rather small due to the take-down system and makes it really convenient to transport/use the system. But will this system have any effect on the performance?

There is a locking lever on the stock in front of the magazine well. In order to remove the front part from the rear part the manual shows that you need to:

    * 1 - Unlocking the takedown mechanism by pulling up the lever
    * 2 - Rotating the front part by 90 degrees (anti-clockwise)

Remind that your sling is still attached on both sides of the gun parts, remove also the sling to really take-down your system. Coming back to the question if this take-down function will influence the velocity and performance? I don't think so. The beginning of the barrel is located in the front end. At the back end the BB is taken from the mag and is positioned directly in front of the barrel in the front part. This is done in a really nice way and i think there won't be any spoiling of gas or what so ever. The two parts really fit well together.

What also a nice feature is that you are able to completely adjust the trigger meganism of the rifle. When you disassemble the gun you are able to adjust the trigger unit with 3 little screws. There is a over travel screw (A) to adjust the trigger over travel traject, a trigger pull screw (B) to adjust the trigger pressure and lastly a sear engagement screw (C) to adjust the sear engagement (not less than 1 mm). However this is clearly explained in the manual we do only recommend this for experienced users to adjust.

The hop-up unit is located in the front part of the rifle. This gun's hop-up unit adjustment is different from the typical M700 rifle, the hop-up is not adjusted by the dial on top of the rail, it is adjusted by a small screw in the connection point between the front part and the rear part of the rifle. If the user would like to adjust/re-adjust the hop-up, one should "takedown" this gun and adjust and try again, which is a limitation of the takedown system. And there is no hop-up adjustment tool included, this would be preferably since a tiny little tool is needed.

The magazine that comes along is a short heavy weight metal M700 style magazine that can takes up to 10 rounds of BB. It can take HFC 22 TOP GAS & HFC 134a gas and weights by itself already 270 gr. The mag features a magazine lock for safety purposes. One can only eject the magazine by pressing the release button and with the bolt opened. If the bolt is closed, even if you've pressed the magazine release button accidentally or intentionally, the magazine will still be locked inside the magazine well. You will never loose your mag!

Upgrading and Downgrading
This gun really has some power. The good thing is that the power can be regulated. It can be tuned from 500 FPS down to 350 FPS. This makes it possible to use it on events where FPS limits are stated. However in our case we have removed the regulator and see the results below in our FPS test, very impressive!

Upgrading would be a possibility for the inner barrel of this rifle to supply a more accurate sniper rifle. This can be easily done and would be highly advised! A long AUG/M16A2 or PSG1 barrel would be needed, or take a special M700 barrel from First Factory.

We would also advice a nice scope to buy with it, especially since there are no standard sights. This gun has great range so a scope with magnification (max 4X i would say) is needed its not a must but i highly recommend it. We have used a NcSTAR 3-9x40 Sporting Scope, its very good for it, these scopes are relatively cheap and last a while because of the solid covering of high strength aluminium alloy. The scope is easily adjustable with the rifle and can be zero-ed quickly. Check also our in-depth review about the NcSTAR scope we used. Remark to use high scope mounts, so your scope won't effect your reloading handling and won't get in the way.

Maybe a silencer will finish the real sniper looks. Silencer are not that effective in my opinion, but just for the looks it could be a very nice addition

Performance is where this KJW M700 really shines. This baby is very very powerful! See below for all the tests we have done with this rifle but power with a 0.20 bb comes around 617 FPS! Very impressive. This will really give you an advantage as a sniper and range out all stock rifle's and most upgrade rifle's. Luckily, for those of you with lower field limits on fps, the velocity is adjustable by taking apart the cocking handle and twisting a little screw found inside. The fps can be turned down quite a lot.

Also very impressive about this gun is the sound it makes when it shoots, there is not much of a difference between firing with gas and without, its that quiet! There is nearly any sound. Compared to a GBB pistol it is nothing like the loud pop we are all familiar with. Also a nice cloud of gas will come out of the barrel, really cool!

This is a sniper rifle and where is all depends on is it accuracy. We highly recommend to clean the barrel after every game. This increases performance a lot! See below for our grouping tests....




This is really amazing! This test was really fun to do, we got some very very high results here which we didn't see before on any other AEG or sniper. The FPS test shows that this M700 Take Down shoots at around an amazing 617 FPS on average. With ups and downs of 623 FPS to 612 FPS. We are really suppriced by the power this gas sniper provides. However like all snipers show also this gas sniper has a cooldown effect which mean an FPS drop, but even than the KJW M700 shoot around 557 FPS! Still very impressive. We need to mention that we tested the rifle with 0,20 Gr KSC BB's, HFC Super Power Green Gas and the most important the excellent Guarder SPEEDER-2000 chrony. Find below some pictures of the chrono testing...

FPS Test

This is just superb straight out of the box. With this power you should be able to shoot over a quite impressive range! We will check this in the grouping tests...

We had some problems with the magazine but that is all fixed right now. We were able to do the grouping tests and see below the results...

We started this test with the common 0,20gr Excel BB's and HFC green gas from around 20 meters. We did first some test shots to adjust the scope and the hop-up unit properly. When all was maximized we fired our final 11 rounds on the target. See below the result. Weather conditions were dry, hardly and wind and around 10 degrees celcius.



Grouping test 1

As you can see the groupings were quite ok but we expected more from a sniper rifle! There are 3 big errors and the rest of the shots have a nice grouping. However we dicided to do another test with 0,28gr BB's to get some better results. We used the 0,28gr Guarder Sniper BB's. This is result:



Grouping test 2

Still the grouping are not optimal but there are no really big errors. The M700 wasn't the most accurate weapon we have fired and we expected more from it. It shot far, but the groupings, even after adjusting the hop-up several times, weren't that great. A tight bore barrel would probably make a big difference and turn this gun from a medium rifle into a sweet sniper rifle. This will improve your rifle a lot, however additional costs will be around the 60 EURO.

Although this gun is a replica of Tanaka's M700 Take-Down version, its competitive pricing together with its quality and fire power, gives you a very high value for money. When removing the gas regulator, this gun is surely a nice rifle for those who would like to pay less but wanted to try out the position of sniper. So ideal for beginners! When you would like to go further and spend some more money, we would advice to buy several extra mags and improve to accuracy with a tight 6.03 inner barrel.


    * High velocity
    * Smooth and solid cocking action
    * Weight and solidity
    * Sound, very quiet
    * Price/quality
    * Very cool looks, especially when accessoires are attached.

    * Slightly inaccurate
    * Standard no cleaning rod available
    * No standard sights
    * No hop-up adjustment tool included
    * Magazine valve broke during testing!

To conclude with a final picture of my ultimate sweet dream KJW M700 sniper rifle... Damn nice!


Ultimate M700

Final Grading


We have scanned the manuals included with this gun. Click on the images to enlarge and find some usefull operating information. Find also below the technical details of this CA B&T MP5 A2, all parts are labled and can easily be ordered. Very usefull when you are planning maintenance and need to know how to reassemble...


manual 1

 manual 3manual
 manual  manual  manual  

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