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New partner LCT Airsoft

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Introduction to LCT Airsoft! Founded in 2007...

New partner LCT Airsoft

LCT Airsoft is located in Changhua County, Taiwan. They are a professional airsoft AEG manufacturer focusing on AEG designing, developing, and manufacturing. All in house.

So far LCT has released a lot of models of all steel parts, high quality AEGs of the real AK series assault rifles. The ultimate goals at LCT is to make AEGs as realistic as possible. We are confident to make a promise to our customers in the quality of our products with the realistic & solid structure design and stable performance.

The predecessor of LCT Airsoft was Li Cheng Molding Company established in 1982. In the beginning of starting period, Li Cheng was a traditional factory focusing on molding and metalworking. After accumulating many experiences and answering to the need of the market, Li Cheng gradually transformed into the field of developing, designing, and manufacturing on industrial molds associated with the automobile parts, sports and medical equipment.

In 2004, Li Cheng entered the area of airsoft by an incidental OEM project from another company, and successfully developed and released the various models of AK series AEGs. The airsoft is an industry of requiring high professionalism and emphasizing the correctness on the details of the designs in historical and structure features. In 2007, LCT Airsoft was officially founded in Taiwan.

Furthermore, LCT Airsoft is also capable of accepting the OEM/ODM contracts. We already have a number of experiences to cooperate with many companies. Welcome to contact with us about the partnership.

Now in 2016 LCT released many M4, AK and a special M60 model. LCT Airsoft is well known because of their full steel ultra high quality externals, realistic wood applications, stable internal platforms and quite unique platforms like the AS VAL. The biggest retailers worldwide (like WGC ShopEvike and Redwolf Airsoft) carry this brand, it’s much respected. Really worth checking out their models (pricing between 250,- and 370,- euro), and that’s exactly what we gonna do! Check the factory tour of November 2013 below...


SYSTEMA - P.T.W. recoil model for sale

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Stunning retail price at 2500,- USD!

SYSTEMA - P.T.W. recoil model for sale

The most expensive Airsoft AEG is ready for sale. The new SYSTEMA PTW Recoil Model is currently distributed to dealers and will soon hit a retail store near you! Beware, this new model comes with a hefty price, with such a price it is only for a happy few around us and mainly aimed at military usage. Do know, the first time lot will be 1000 items only. Sales will be limited to the MAX2 / Ambi Model only at this time.

For those who are waiting for a challenge kit to drop the price. No luck yet, for now there is no challenge kit planned:

"We regretfully state that, for the Recoil Model, we plan to sell the finished product for the time being. We are sorry to those who wish to purchase the Challenge Kit. One of the reasons for our decision was the degree of difficulty it takes to manage the cable connections of the Micro Switch Device. Once we gather enough materials and information to complete a thorough assembly manual we may contemplate a release date for the Challenge Kit. We kindly ask for your patience."

So what's so special about this Recoil Model? Did you know the battery is now moved to the magazine? Continue reading to have a technical deep dive into this new SYSTEMA PTW Recoil Model

UPDATE: Magazine pricing is now known!
One magazine with built-in battery Retail price of the 135 USD.
Six pack magazines with built-in battery Retail price of the 670 USD.

UPDATE 2: First video footage added!

UPDATE 3: New video added!


ICS BLE Alpha GBB Pistol Launch

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Available september 2016 worldwide!

ICS BLE Alpha GBB Pistol Launch

After three years development and investing plenty of money on research and tooling development, ICS first GBB pistol is now going to be launched! We have checked it during IWA behind closed doors. ICS will name it ALPHA! The initiation of ICS GBB pistol era! This ALPHA pistol is under ICS’ sub-brand called BLE, Black Leopard Eye. The future pistol series products will be developed under this brand. So there is more to come! :)

Now the most important news, the pistol will be available in Black, Tan and 2 combo's. The retail price in Europ for the ALPHA pistol is around the 100,- USD mark. Same price for all the 4 colors/models. Unit13 Shop ensured us to have 24 items in stock per model once available...


Finally, the ASG CZ 805 Bren is out!

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Introduction of the CZ 805 Bren assault rifle to the Airsoft world

Finally, the ASG CZ 805 Bren is out!

FINALLY IT’S HERE! After checking this item out at IWA 2016 (March) ASG is proudly introducing the CZ 805 Bren assault rifle to the Airsoft world. The A1, long version and the A2, short version. Both versions of the CZ 805 Bren assault rifle are fitted with a monolithic integral Picatinny rail on the top of receiver, and additional rails running on the sides and the bottom of the foreend. The adjustable side-folding buttstock can be completely removed if maximum compactness is required.

Removing the stock requires no tools and provides easy access the to battery compartment
and the quick change spring guide, allows fast changes to adjust to field regulations. The CZ
805 Bren is available in both black and desert.

UPDATE: Pricing will be around the 400,- euro mark in Europe.


BREAKING: France FFA joins EAA!

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United we stand stronger!

BREAKING: France FFA joins EAA!

Last Month the EAA member states unanimously voted in favour of the Fédération Française d’Airsoft (FFA) gaining Full EAA membership.

The EAA thanks the FFA for its application to join our association, we are greater and louder through this unity. At this time when our sport is finding its self targeted by anti-gun groups seeking to shut down an entire industry and hobby enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players across Europe, we absolutely need to grow and strengthen our position on the world stage.

France now joins fellow member states in their efforts to educate local and international political parties to the importance of our sport and community. we welcome them into our shared commitment to protect law abiding and sensible Airsoft players across every corner of Europe.

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