Classic Army SCARAB series & CA083M 13" KeyMod Teaser

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Classic Army is working on a big comeback!

Classic Army SCARAB series & CA083M 13

Classic Army is totally back with their SCARAB series, introduced during SHOT SHOW 2016. Something different and something interesting. Back in 2002 our first AEG was the CA M15A4R. Great to see them back in business. It will have a programmable burst fire function you can control with just the trigger! Including also KeyMod, PDW or Buffer tube stocks. The 3 official names are out of the different models: the ABR, the RAC and the SAR!

Back to the CA083M, here are all the details: "The Classic Army M4 ARS4-10 is an M4 with a 13in. free float keymod rail and an 14.5in. outer barrel. The monolithic profile rail system has a standard picatinny configuration on the top rail, allowing for fitting of standard railed mounted scopes or other accessories. The gun features an ergonomic grip, flip up front and rear sights, and a retractable crane stock, and a sling adaptor plate. This gun comes individually serial numbered and comes with 2x 300rd metal high capacity magazines.

Internally, the gun has a 9mm bearing gearbox, wire cut steel 21:1 ratio gears, inline mosfet protected trigger contacts, stainless steel bore up cylinder, aluminum bore-up cylinder head, metal spring guide with bearing, 6.03mm tightbore barrel, silver low resistance trigger wiring, and a quick change spring system. The wiring utilizes a low heat deans plug and comes with an adapter for tamiya connector batteries. This gun is lipo-ready right out of the box. It will shoot 375-400 fps using 0.20g BBs and 800-900 rpm using a 9.6V battery. The quick change spring system allows for fast and easy spring changes without having to go into the gearbox."


New airsoft field in Holland: Wild Mountain

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Great new location you have to check out...

New airsoft field in Holland: Wild Mountain

Ever played in The Netherlands? Holland? This might be your time to bring a visit. Check out this new terrain by Wild Mountain (Area57). A great new terrain in Weert, The Netherlands (near Eindhoven). This is our first outdoor CQB terrain esspecially designed and made for airsoft. It a big field with a nice urban feeling. A scene you mostly see in the USA. 

We have played at many fields, indoor CQB, outdoor woodlands, old factories etc. However this new field is definately interesting and we will certainly visit it in the next few weeks. Wnat to play in The Netherlands? Request an exemption at the NABV and join our vivid airsoft community!


New DM870 Airsoft Shotgun by Dominator

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An Airsoft shotgun as realistic as it gets?

New DM870 Airsoft Shotgun by Dominator

Marck from Redwolf Airsoft reviews the new Dominator International DM870 Airsoft Shotgun. There were many shotguns that have come before where they have tried to push the boundaries between airsoft and real steel. While many have come close, nothing has blurred the lines quite as much as the Dominator International DM870.

The DM870 from DOMINATOR uses a complete set of high-quality steel components including the CNC-machined receiver, outer barrel, bolt carrier assembly, and trigger group.

The level of build quality and attention to detail is incredible. Designed to be a realistic combat training shotgun, the DM870 field strips just like the real-steel, and is built rock-solid and reliable. Weight, manufacturing processes, and materials have all been carefully considered to provide you with the ultimate shell-ejecting airsoft shotgun.

Manufactured to RealSpec, the is fully-compatible with a huge range of real-steel accessories and components, allowing for nearly unlimited customisation options.

Did you know their next project will be a M500 4.5 version driven by a 88 grams CO2 cartridge? Stay tuned!


Mancraft Air Stock Support (M.A.S.S.) MK1 available now!

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A functional M4 stock for HPA users...

Mancraft Air Stock Support (M.A.S.S.) MK1 available now!

Now this is a nice innovations for airsofters using HPA. We encurage all innovations that help to integrate your HPA into the rifle itself. Personally I love the HPA concept, but hate the external ghostbusters tanks...

Now MANCRAFT comes with a new design M4 stock. Not the most beautiful out there, but a very functional one. It can accommodate 13ci (0,21l) HP tank AND the regulator itself! All inside the stock. Regulators from MANCRAFT itself will fit, also regulators from Wolverine reg will fit as well, Redline, nijna will also fit. All hiding within the stock itself. Continue reading the have more details...


New NLAIRSOFT project - The Gunbuilder

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Great Airsoft custom builds made and explained!

New NLAIRSOFT project - The Gunbuilder

This is a new project at NLAIRSOFT.COM. Next to writing reviews we will be making worlds greatest custom builds and explain exactly what we did and why we did this. We will start with custom builds every quarter and hope to present a custom build every month later on. Offcourse suggestions for projects are welcome. Do let us know your wildest dreams and hopefully we can make that happen. Suggestions are welcome in the forums...

For this project we assigned Mr. Custom to make these custom builds become reality. Some say he is the best airsoft gunsmith in the Benelux. Some say he can fix every airsoft gun. Some say he even customises his speedloaders! Others say he has his own custom projects never seen before. What we know for sure; he is the best man to do the job.

Project #1 is "a mix of something old and something new". We are looking forward to that! Keep an eye on this project and the first reveal of Project #1 :)

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