Dutch Airsoft Association NABV to launch IAPS in Holland!

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Competition to start urly 2014!

Dutch Airsoft Association NABV to launch IAPS in Holland!

The Dutch Airsoft Association worket hard to start a nationwide IAPS competition in Holland in 2014.

The Netherlands have the opportunity to be the first country in the world with a complete digital competition using electronic targets

IAPS ( International Airsoft Practical Shooting ) is a discipline in which airsoft targets should be hit. The goals that meet strict requirements , can be combined in different ways in so called 'stages ' (rounds) . The athletes make these courses as soon as possible and try, to get by hitting targets, highest possible score.

The discipline IAPS is intended for young and old , regardless of gender. The courses comply with all rules and requirements so that this sport is accessible to everyone . IAPS is practiced with special airsoft devices. Competitions are organized at both indoor and outdoor locations.

This is unique and will be big in 2014; check out the website of th NABV for more information (Dutch Only)


NABV: membership submissions open next tuesday

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Final testing has started

NABV: membership submissions open next tuesday

The NABV has announced that tuesday the 12th of februari shall be he proverbial D-day for airsoft players in the Netherlands, as on that day the NABV membership applications will be available online, starting 20:00 hours.

According to the - unusually brief - statement int he news section of the NABV, they have moved their website((s) ? - red) to a new, private server, and are now commencing the final extensive tests.


NABV announces initial talk with Dutch Customs

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, justice department acknowledges NABV as official Airsoft Foundation

NABV announces initial talk with Dutch Customs

The new legalislation moves steadily ahead in The Netherlands, as the NABV announced having had an initial meeting with Dutch Customs about the implementation of the new rules that went active on the 15th of january.

The NABV and Customs point out that these are merely the initial talks and import as of now is still illigal without NABV membership, which remains closed for the moment as the foundation moves to put all the assests and required administration in place.

Another milestone in the efforts of the NABV was reached as the Justice Department submitted an official declaration about the reckognition of the NABV as the country's first official Airsoft Foundation. (Dutch: vereniging). This is a requirement as only members of a reckognised foundation will get the exceptions from the law regarding airsoft devices.

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