NLAIRSOFT.COM Native app discontinued

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Focus on new mobile first website with push notifications!

NLAIRSOFT.COM Native app discontinued

On November 25th 2014 we released our native app for Windows, iOS and Android! By that time a big move forward for our news platform. Now heading to our fiftheenth year online and totally re-doing our website, we feel there is no need anymore for a native app.

Our new website will be launched this year. It will be mobile first and totally focussed on news and reviews. We can still provide push notifications for our visitors, those who are using FireFox and Chrome can already subscribe today on this new feature. The app still is in the app store, however in a disabled mode and will be removed soon.

With over 22 release cycles/updates and over 1500 downloads of the app it was quite a succes but not the succes we hoped for! The app featured breaking news with push notifications, reviews, events, youtube recommendations, socials feeds and must visit weblinks. All this will be replaced and improved on our new website. We will leave the Joomla! CMS platform and head over to the WordPress CMS!

Thanks for your supprot and see you around at !!


IWA Airsoft Meetup 2017 is a go!

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Sunday March 5th 2017 1300H – 1600H. BE THERE!

IWA Airsoft Meetup 2017 is a go!

After SHOT SHOW we now focus on the next show, the second largest in the world. IWA in Nuremberg! You see a lot of airsoft manufacturers and gear makers, as well as firearms manufacturers all in one place will take place. The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 is all set to welcome guests and trade visitors from all around the world from the 3rd to the 6th of March 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany.

For the airsoft industry and community, it is also another opportunity to gather together and update each other on what is happening, especially in terms of product development and commercial activities. Started in 2011, the Airsoft Meetup has been gathering together the airsoft industry, airsoft community, and the airsoft media under one roof and is growing each year. It's held in the Hong Kong conference room in the Nuremberg Messe.


Review: Classic Army Keymod KM12 12" now online!

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Review: Classic Army Keymod KM12 12

A long awaited review is now online, the all new Classic Army Keymod KM12 12" is reviewed by NLAIRSOFT.COM Phano_b. Check his review, including detailed images and ingame video footage right here:


Official native app launched!

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Download now for Apple iPhone, Android and Windows!

Official native app launched!

Today we launch our official mobile application! The future is mobile, therefore we launched our very own mobile application. User friendly and fast! Available now for free at the Apple iPhone iTunes store or Google Play store!

Continue reading to know all the details about the app! Download today!


Airsoft Meetup @ IWA 2014

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All the speakers lined-up during the 3rd Airsoft Meetup: RedWolf Airsoft, Gunfire, Airsoft Innovations, KRYTAC, Action Sport Games, ICS, Modify-Tech, and the European Airsoft Association were there. Plus, we got bonus presentations Border War and Airsoft Innovations as there was still time left from the time allocated for us to use the Hong Kong Room.

Check all the movies at

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