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Release EU planned early August 2017!


Yesterday we had our first livestream session! We really enjoyed it, thanks for watching all and firing all those questions to us. Phano_B_Airsoft joined the livestream and we had a 60 minutes talk about the Vector AEG. Check our facebook page where you can still watch our first episode. 

For those interested in all those answers, continue reading!


Daniël Selij · Could you show the trigger response with a couple of semi shots?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Quite heavy pull

Daniël Selij · Is it possible to fit the official flashlight in the front?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Nope. Use the bottom or side rails.

Stijn Vanengelgem · Not realy compatible with hpa engines at the moment due the not in line cylinder?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Nope not now. Perhaps in the future!

Fredrik Senchoo Szakacs · What threading does it have? 14mm negative?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Confirmed! Indeed 14mm negative!

Ruben Spaltman · When is the release date in Europe
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Begin August 2017 for EU. The Vector is ready for the USA market on July 1st!

In general: Price point?
NLAIRSOFT.COM . 449 USD in the USA. Around 500 EURO in EU. Mag around 25-30 EURO.

Maurice van Ravensteijn · Will it bother the neighbours??
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Nope! Guaranteed neighbour ;)

Pedro van Helden ·Which gun is best?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Vector AEG off course;)

Daniël Selij · Why did you guys already get it?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · We want to make a review! :)

Bas Landsmeer · Were is the battery compartment?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · In the grip. Enough space for an 11.1V LiPo 1100mah.

Daniël Selij · Will the short mags come out?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Not during the initial release. Maybe later. There isn’t much space for a short mag…

Dominique Kruis · Whats the fire rate?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Really fast. The burst is so fast you almost can't hear it's a 3 round burst

Jeffrey Vanv: Do you know how much a magazine cost?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Around 25 USD. 25-30 EURO.

Ruben Spaltman · Can you shoot it now ?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Check! Single-burst-full auto.

Ruben Spaltman · How much fps ?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · 330-350 FPS. M120 spring.

Jamey Bierman · 11.1v.... LiPo?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Yes. LiPo ready!

Dominique Kruis · Will it be a giveaway? :D
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Maybe! Maybe add it to my private collection.

In general: Any additional colors planned? White/OD/TAN?
NLAIRSOFT.COM Color is being considered but no specific color yet

In general: Is the schroud available for the Vector AEG?
Due to weight balance issues. 

In general: How is the weight distribution?
Perfect! The platform is really stable and well balanced. 

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