LCT Airsoft - LTS KEYMOD 9.5/13.5 AEG's

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High quality externals with plenty of battery space!

LCT Airsoft - LTS KEYMOD 9.5/13.5 AEG's

LTS KEYMOD 9.5/13.5 AEG are one of the most popular productions of LCT airsoft. Modularity and systematization are key features of the LTS KEYMOD AEG, it’ can also fit the KEYMOD RAIL series. The special design of the LTS stock has plenty of room for a large battery to fit. The LTS stock can fit the AK series and M4 airsoft series. Players can easily change into the different style they prefer.

More information related to the new LTS KEYMOD AEG's and parts can be found at the LCT Airsoft website:,61,62,61,62,56,57,56,57,61,62 

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