Weekend special: GEARSKIN for Airsoft!

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A do it yourself camouflage for all your Airsoft goodies!

Weekend special: GEARSKIN for Airsoft!

GEARSKIN is introduced during IWA 2015 and widely available during early 2016. We don't see it a lot on the fields here in The Netherlands. Guess the product definately deserves a further introduction. Since it have great features, also for your airsoft guns and gear. It can be used to protect and camouflage all your airsoft goodies. Check the photo gallery at the end of this blog post for some impressive applications.

To start with what is this kind of self sticking camouflage material. At GEARSKIN they call it an innovative self-adhesive fabric with outstanding features compliant with the high military standards. Therefore GEARSKIN is the most versatile self adhesive high-tech fabric available on the worldwide market. GEARSKIN offers users to create a personalized solution for each own specific situation.

From the begining, GEARSKIN has undergone a very strenuous 2 years testing phase, improving it's characteristics, through the analysis of an array of lab, heavy crash and field tests. By getting a huge number of precise data we were able to aim the development of GEARSKIN in the right direction and got an innovative self adhesive fabric with so many mindblowing properties that it's application is almost limitless! It's basic duty is protecting and camouflaging guns and military equipment, but the characteristics of the product make it suitable for a very wide use. Our product is entirely designed and manufactured in Europe using top quality ingredients, technology and knowledg

GEARSKIN easily adapts to curves, adheres to various surfaces and was tested in various field conditions. Some of the characteristics are water repellency, oil repellency, acid repellency, has an anti-soil treatment and resistance to wear and creasing. GEARSKIN™ eleminates the equipment flare effect , which further contributes to the daily / light cover-up and excellent NIR properties which enable efficient IR camouflage (night vision).

What's it made of?
All of the materials used for flagship GEARSKIN products are of the highest military specifications which ensures its peak performance in a wide area of application ranging from sports, hobby, law enforcement, outdoor activities, decoration, protection, upholstery, medicine, concealment, garment and many more. GEARSKIN is therefore produced with high end Polyamide-Cotton fabric (Cordura®) and Nylon-Cotton fabric.

SMART Adhesiv  is the second component of Gearskin that is critical in the application of the product as to offer great possibilities for manipulation and the way of using the product. The adhesive is characterized by strong initial adhesion and slow ripening which a user can use GEARSKIN in the short term, remove it from the equipment and save it on the transfer paper for reuse. Alternatively leaving it on, GEARSKIN's adhesive matures, adheres stronger to the surface and provides a long term solution for the protection and camouflage of equipment.

User experience
The user will from the very beginning recognize the strength of the adhesive to the touch, but also at short use it is easily removed from any surface without leaving any traces. If the user wants to keep the fabric permanently applied its just enough to leave the cloth on, in which case the glue will slowly "mellow" and get a more powerful grip to the surface. This process could be accelerated with even slightly heating the fabric. If after a prolonged use a sticky trail appears, it is easy to clean it with ordinary edible oil or simply using a piece of cloth which the user has previously removed as shown in our video gallery.

The product is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II certified (tested against harmful substances) for all components and is completely safe for use in contact with the human skin and manufactured in compliance with all environmental standards.

Experiments and research
Some useful tests of GEARSKIN showed exceptional strength (strip width of 5 cm, length 15 cm snapped under a load of 125 kilograms), high temperature resistance (tested with a blowtorch on a metal cylinder at a temperature higher than 700° C where after cooling the adhesive and still retained its properties). Despite our own extensive testing, we recommend that users themselves test it before use and get to know the product to make the most of its use.

GEARSKIN awards and achievments
In 2015. GEARSKIN has won the award as one of the best innovative concepts in a competition of over 660 innovative concepts ranging from software nieche to medicine. The contest holder was ZABA, UniCredit Group.

Later in 2015. RONIN TACTICAL took our product overseas where special forces operatives in Iraq and Afghanistan tested it, liked it, that's the achievment we are very proud of.

Even got more questions? Check their FAQ to clear things up. We really like the fact it's reusable (not permanent) and clean to use not leaving any mark. Now it's time to check some great projects with GEARSKIN application in the photo galleries below. Interested to try? Head over to their international webshop:

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