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Pimp My Gun (Beta 0.7.0)

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Pimp My Gun is a Flash application that enables you to build various weapon systems from scratch with a variety of stocks, sights, foregrips, rail systems and more. The application is still under construction, and new accessories and guns are added all the time. Stay tuned! :D

Last updated on January 2, 2010 when the 0.7.0 Beta was released. This is basically an overhaul of the origional PMG, so there aren't many guns available. Over time I will add the old content along with much more new stuff.

Pimp My Gun offers many types of weapons for you to build, ranging from pistols to sniper rifles and machineguns. There are also many accessories available, such as:
flip-up sights, scopes, tactical grips, rail systems, bipods, flash hiders, silencers, stocks, magazines, and more.

Please keep in mind that the application is still under constructions, and new features, weapons and accessories are added all the time. If you'd like to see more weapons that are still not listed, or some other accessories, please e-mail me at the address below with your request!

One last thing: feel free to use the weapons you design here as reference for your own projects such as animations, 3D modeling, etc. But please be kind enough to credit me and post a link to this site.

Thanks! :)

-- Dr. Noob


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