Airsoft Pricission Barrels Comparison

Classic Army 6.05
FPS: 306-300=304

systema 6.04
FPS: 300-295=298

Prometheus 6.03
FPS: 269-278=273


Airsoft Sports

Airsoft Sports in Fulpmes is one of the few big shops in Austria since 2006.


AIRSOFT24 by Kotte & Zeller

The many requests for catalogs which show us every day to ensure that our offer lies with our customers in appreciation at the top. From Kotte & Zeller you just always expect something special! Our team therefore attempted to make the selection each year even more interesting, with more news, with Preisknüllern and not least with many features from around the world.


Airsoftology Show #18

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Latest Airsoftology episode for you to download and listen to...

Airsoftology"Show #18 is (finally) here and it’s about dang time!!!!! It took us a while to recover from our airsoft hangover from OP:Irene VII, but it was worth it! Aside from the news, tips and advice you crave, we talk about our experiences at Operation Irene…all we can say is WOW!!!!  It was an event to remember.

Good news for show #18, Chris returns to fill the 3rd seat, Mechbox Mechanic fans can rejoice! Even though it took an act of congress to get him away from the tech bench and on the show, it was worth it.

Also in this show; we complete the Frankengun and start the BIG giveaway contest.  Just “fan” the show on Facebook and you are in the running, it’s that easy. ( See below for full details.)

This episode’s shout-out  goes out to the team over at KWA USA, or as Steve calls then…The K-Dub Crew!  It was great hanging out with the KWA guys at Irene, and if you haven’t had a chance to see their new AEG releases, check them out at or ask for them at your favorite retailer! We have my eyes on the SR-10…

Remember to keep sending in your segments, news,  voicemail on the Airsoftology line (615-713-2227) or anything airsoft related to the show.  If it’s something that is new and we haven’t seen, we’ll reward you with show swag! And speaking of swag, if you want to support the show, and get some great patches in the process, head over to the store link above an pick up the Fall/Winter 2009 limited edition Airsoftology patch set.

Also, don’t forget about the Invading Winter event coming up on November 13-15, spot s are going fast…we’d love to see you all there!

Informative with a touch of humor; we break down the news, reviews and tech tips that you want to hear."

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