Krale Airsoft - An introduction

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An introduction to Airsoft

Krale Airsoft - An introduction

Not shot, always wrong!
The use of airsoft guns (also called airsoft devices, airsoft replicas, or BB guns) is becoming increasingly popular. And that's not surprising. Have you ever participated in a paintball event? Then you know what it feels like to shoot with a rifle that runs on compressed gas. You can experience a similar feeling with an airsoft weapon, but it is much more lifelike. Because airsoft guns are realistic-looking replicas of existing firearms, with which you can shoot small plastic balls (called BBs). This is done at a limited speed, so that it remains safe for everyone, and no one can get hurt.

Various techniques
Although airsoft replicas look just like real weapons externally, internally they are completely different. In all cases, BBs are shot out by air, and this can be done through various power sources. The main ones are AEG (electric), CO2, gas, and HPA (compressed air). All of which have their own characteristics and advantages. Therefore, do make sure that you get a serious orientation beforehand and be well informed by an airsoft expert. Then you can be sure that you end up buying the weapon that best suits what you intend to do with it.

Airsoft replicas to choose from
If you are looking for an airsoft replica, you will be amazed. You can choose from a huge arsenal of types and models. Rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, snipers, and even grenade launchers in true-to-life imitation: you will find them all to your liking. Some models are based on historical weapons, adding an extra dimension to the experience.

Safety first
Because airsoft replicas are not real weapons, the whole hassle of permits, gun safes, and the like can be omitted. To own an airsoft replica, however, you must be a member of the NABV here in The Netherlands, the interest group for airsofters. Furthermore, you must store the airsoft replica at home in a locked room and package it during transport in such a way that you cannot use the weapon directly.

All kinds of applications
You might think that an airsoft weapon would be ideal for an exciting action game like skirmish or speedsoft. But that is too short of the mark. The police and military also use these types of weapons to train with a realistic looking and feel. And you can also use it to reenact historical events in real life. However, it is important that you always wear adequate protection for your face, especially your ears and eyes. A professional provider of airsoft weapons can give you excellent advice on this and usually has a wide selection of protective goggles, helmets, masks and special clothing such as plate-carriers and tactical vests. Visit Krale Airsoft for all your needs! 



Firesupport UK back open!

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And still free shipping this Thursday!

Firesupport UK back open!

Our long term partner and sponsor in crime Frank from Firesupport dropped us an email regarding the December news updates. First it's great news the UK is opening up again and recovering from COVID-19; also the Firesupport SHOP is now OPEN to walking customers again. So feel free to bring them a visit, some COVID guidelines are still in place!

Additionally they have 2 promotions going on to celebrate;



Gunfire Santa Sale 2019 up to 70% discount!

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Over 3500 products at a 70% discount! Enjoy!

Gunfire Santa Sale 2019 up to 70% discount!

The great Santa Sale of Gunfire is definitely on! Airsoft players wanting something great under the X-mas tree can get more as selected items are up to 70% off.

Plus, the Gunfire Calendar Girls 2020 is now out, new T-Shirts from Specna Arms, and the Tornado Chrono is in stock now...

X-mas is around the corner and Santa visited Gunfire! Check what he has left! Replicas, accessories, equipment and 3500 other products up to 70%OFF!

Be quick, sales ends at December 9th!


Novelties arrived at Gunfire

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Gunfire’s weekly update! CZ Shadow 2 pistol and novelties in stock!

Novelties arrived at Gunfire

Updates from Gunfire! They now also have the ASG CZ Shadow 2 pistol in stock and a lot of additional novelties to check out. Check new side arm models and choose one for yourself! Summer Upgrade sale is still on!

Check the special sales below:  

- Overview of Sidearms 

- Opsmen mounts and tactical flashlights. 

- Earmor Active hearing protectors.

- Fosco camouflage paint 

- Additional sales items

And for a funny highlight, check the latest edition of the Tactical Leszek show...a dive into the latest innovation of Retractamag :)


AA Store Exclusive interview

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First time, we did an exclusive interview! Let us know your thoughts!

AA Store Exclusive interview

This is something new for you and us, appart from news we decided to do our first ever interview! You still remember AA Store from Austria? They launched their international online shop in 2018 and have become partners of NLAIRSOFT.COM since a few year now. They send to all 28 EU countries, straight from their warehouse in Austria. Those countries include The Netherlands and Belgium too.

The AA Store boasts one of the largest Airsoft assortments in Europe. Operated by Airsofters with years of experience they ship orders by registered mail with tracking number & insurance coverage to all EU countries. We thought it would be time for a nice interview, check the full story and hit the continue reading button below.

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