Nuprol to distribute G&G in the UK

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Very cool and expected news! G&G and Nuprol team up...

Nuprol to distribute G&G in the UK

After distribution of NURPOL by G&G/101tech in the USA, these two companies take it to the next level. NURPOL starts distribution of G&G in the UK. Check their press release below: 

Nuprol is proud to announce its ever closer relationship to G&G by distributing G&G to the trade in the UK. Here at Nuprol we hope to strongly support the retailers with G&G products, this will make it even easier for the end user to have access to and also offer a wider variety of choice. This will ultimately benefit the players of our much loved sport. Nuprol and G&G have a similar attitude to quality and innovative products, and we feel this is a perfect match for an ever expanding and closer cooperation. Distribution will start in January with Nuprol now taking preorders for the trade. Nuprol will also be hosting events with G&G in the UK in 2018!


WarZONE 6 2018 Greece!

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A big 3 day milsim event in Greece worth a visit

WarZONE 6 2018 Greece!

Stelios from Greece contacted us regarding their large scale 3-day milsim event! It looks very promissing, a teaser video of WarZONE 6 is included in this news post. Take into account that Ryanair has afordable flights straight to Chania airport, just a one hour drive from the field! And that Crete is a first class holiday destination, just to relax a bit after the event ;)

Details of the event can be found below: When: Friday, May 4th to Sunday 6th May 2018 Where they play: The Field Arkadi, Rethymnon. 30-40 minutes drive to southeast of Rethymnon.

Nov19 Monthly Update

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Massive restock on many brands and products! Monthly Update

The month of October was a good one and we got plenty in stock for November for all the airsoft players out there: had a massive restock on many brands and products. We have made an overview for you so can cherry-pick your favourites:

- Laylax: PSS10 accessories and tuning parts:
- Clawgear: Pouches for rifles and pistols, belts and weapon slings:
- FMA: Grips, beacons, ballistic plate dummies, helmets, magazines:
- Element: Headset, rifle scopes, rails, springs, handguards, reflex sights:
- Pirate Arms: Red dots and reflex sights:
- Umarex: AEGs HK416, Co2 capsules, magazines, GBB and CO2 pistols:
- ASG: GBB pistols, magazines:
- Warrior: Belts, pouches, chest rigs and carriers:
- Oakley: ballistic glasses and goggles:
- Crye Precision: G3 combat pant and shirt, plate carriers and belts:
- Mechanix: shooting and tactical gloves:
- Airtech Studios: innovative battery extension chamber for your AEG stock:

Make sure to head over to and check out all the restocked gear!



Airtech Studios G&G ARP9 & ARP556 Battery Extension Unit (BEU)

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Something handy for the G&G ARP9 and ARP 556 owners!

Airtech Studios G&G ARP9 & ARP556 Battery Extension Unit (BEU)

Ted from Airtech Studios contacted us, they designed and manufacture aftermarket upgrades and accessories for popular Airsoft guns. Now they come up with something handy for the G&G ARP9 and ARP 556:

By popular demand from our followers and abundance requests from our retailers, we are on route to manufacture a Battery Extension Unit (BEU) for the popular G&G ARP9 & ARP556. Players have been loving the performance of this highly anticipated gun with it's new electronic gearbox technology, but have struggled to utilize larger batteries for their setup. With the help of the BEU, users will be able to utilize larger batteries especially with the G&G drum mag to improve their Airsoft experiences with the gun. Also, it acts to help protect the cables and program unit from over bending.



"Dear Valken: I believe you can go to hell"

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An open letter from ZHOT USA

The M12 Sidewinder is an essential piece of gear for every airsoft player's kit. With the quick spin of a crank, almost any M4 mid-cap magazine can be fully loaded in under 5 seconds. This innovation led to a lot of drama again in the Airsoft industry. Continue to read the open letter from Odin distributor ZSHOT USA owner Wallace.

The reason for this is that ZShot is a distributor of Odin Innovation's Speed ​​M12 Sidewinder distributor and Valken distributor a few days ago added a similar product (BB Speed ​​Loader) in its own range and at significantly lower prices. Nuprol Airsoft has a similar copy product and should also remove it from their product line!

Update: The Valken has now removed the product from its webshop. Nuprol should do the same!


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