Krale Airsoft - An introduction

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An introduction to Airsoft

Krale Airsoft - An introduction

Not shot, always wrong!
The use of airsoft guns (also called airsoft devices, airsoft replicas, or BB guns) is becoming increasingly popular. And that's not surprising. Have you ever participated in a paintball event? Then you know what it feels like to shoot with a rifle that runs on compressed gas. You can experience a similar feeling with an airsoft weapon, but it is much more lifelike. Because airsoft guns are realistic-looking replicas of existing firearms, with which you can shoot small plastic balls (called BBs). This is done at a limited speed, so that it remains safe for everyone, and no one can get hurt.

Various techniques
Although airsoft replicas look just like real weapons externally, internally they are completely different. In all cases, BBs are shot out by air, and this can be done through various power sources. The main ones are AEG (electric), CO2, gas, and HPA (compressed air). All of which have their own characteristics and advantages. Therefore, do make sure that you get a serious orientation beforehand and be well informed by an airsoft expert. Then you can be sure that you end up buying the weapon that best suits what you intend to do with it.

Airsoft replicas to choose from
If you are looking for an airsoft replica, you will be amazed. You can choose from a huge arsenal of types and models. Rifles, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, snipers, and even grenade launchers in true-to-life imitation: you will find them all to your liking. Some models are based on historical weapons, adding an extra dimension to the experience.

Safety first
Because airsoft replicas are not real weapons, the whole hassle of permits, gun safes, and the like can be omitted. To own an airsoft replica, however, you must be a member of the NABV here in The Netherlands, the interest group for airsofters. Furthermore, you must store the airsoft replica at home in a locked room and package it during transport in such a way that you cannot use the weapon directly.

All kinds of applications
You might think that an airsoft weapon would be ideal for an exciting action game like skirmish or speedsoft. But that is too short of the mark. The police and military also use these types of weapons to train with a realistic looking and feel. And you can also use it to reenact historical events in real life. However, it is important that you always wear adequate protection for your face, especially your ears and eyes. A professional provider of airsoft weapons can give you excellent advice on this and usually has a wide selection of protective goggles, helmets, masks and special clothing such as plate-carriers and tactical vests. Visit Krale Airsoft for all your needs! 



Virtual-Shot Massive Platform Update

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Impressive new Graphics and new ranges added!

Virtual-Shot Massive Platform Update

Virtual-Shot’s biggest update is now in live! For both iOS and Android. New Graphics and new ranges have been added to the app for you to enjoy. They did some impressive work on the grahics quality. Take a first look at some right here and get excited to play and train even more. 

The best thing of all, the hardware requirements stay the same! So no mayor phone update needed, just update the app! 

"The Idea for Virtual-Shot started back in 2010 when one of the founding members was serving as an Infantry Officer in the Australian Army. He had just been appointed as a Mentoring Team Commander tasked to deploy to Afghanistan. He had 4 months to prepare his team for a 9 month deployment to an isolated patrol base in Uruzgan province Afghanistan where they would patrol with, mentor and train the Afghanistan Army. Learn more at their website…"


Titan Power your ASG Scorpion EVO

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Titan Power your ASG Scorpion EVO

As much as the EVO has been around for a while now, it’s still an insanely popular little AEG, and those that own one really like it. However the EVO by design has a problem, a problem LAYLAX and TITAN seem to have fixed! They have come up with a solution that not only works well but one that looks absolutely great too!

The SCORPION EVO3 RAPID M-LOK HANDGUARD has been created with the ease of battery space and installation in mind. It will easily fit most batteries including a TITAN POWER Lithium Ion stick-type battery.

And there’s more as you no longer need to remove the outer barrel assembly and battery changes can be super-fast as it is as simple as removing one pin and sliding off the lower for easy access to the battery bay, so you can stay in the fight longer with your choice of battery!

The handguard is compatible with the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 BSG and the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 Carbine. It comes with a pricetag of around 175,- euro...

As TITAN would say, happy to #poweryourgame! Enjoy this convenient modification and pew pew all day with this golden combo!


Introducing the KRYTAC SilencerCo Maxim 9

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Introducing the KRYTAC SilencerCo Maxim 9

October 10, 2022 – Brea, California, USA – KRYTAC®, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium performance airsoft replicas, announces their first gas powered airsoft gun, through an exclusive licensing agreement with SilencerCo®, the largest producer of firearms suppressors in the U.S.A., to create an airsoft version of the famous Maxim9 integrally suppressed pistol.

The SilencerCo® Maxim® 9, introduced in 2017, is the world’s first integrally suppressed 9mm pistol that is holster-able and hearing-safe with all types of ammunition. KRYTAC® have faithfully reproduced this groundbreaking handgun as a 6mm, green gas or CO2 powered, blowback airsoft pistol.


FIREFIELD RapidStrike 1-6x24

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The Riflescope offers ACCURACY and SPEED!

FIREFIELD RapidStrike 1-6x24

Improve quick target acquisition speeds with the help of the new Firefield RapidStrike 1-6x24 Riflescope Kit. Firefield’s kit comes complete with a cantilever mount, throw lever and honeycomb lens filter to reduce glare. Firefield developed the RapidStrike for close- to mid-range training, competitions, hunting and target shooting.

The RapidStrike 1-6x24 Riflescope (FF13070K) features multi-coated, anti-reflective glass, a red and green illuminated circle-dot reticle with 5 brightness settings, 6x optical zoom, maximum recoil .338 caliber, pop-up locking turrets to prevent accidental changes to windage and elevation, ½ windage and elevation adjustability and durable 30mm 6061-T6 aluminum body.

This rugged and lightweight riflescope can perform in -25° to 55°C degree weather. The RapidStrike is built to last featuring IP67 rated waterproof, dustproof, fogproof and shockproof making them a dependable riflescope.

Check out local partner in Netherlands Bunker 501 for more info! Visit Facebook, Instagram to learn more about Firefield® products.


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