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Airsoftology Show #18

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Latest Airsoftology episode for you to download and listen to...

Airsoftology"Show #18 is (finally) here and it’s about dang time!!!!! It took us a while to recover from our airsoft hangover from OP:Irene VII, but it was worth it! Aside from the news, tips and advice you crave, we talk about our experiences at Operation Irene…all we can say is WOW!!!!  It was an event to remember.

Good news for show #18, Chris returns to fill the 3rd seat, Mechbox Mechanic fans can rejoice! Even though it took an act of congress to get him away from the tech bench and on the show, it was worth it.

Also in this show; we complete the Frankengun and start the BIG giveaway contest.  Just “fan” the show on Facebook and you are in the running, it’s that easy. ( See below for full details.)

This episode’s shout-out  goes out to the team over at KWA USA, or as Steve calls then…The K-Dub Crew!  It was great hanging out with the KWA guys at Irene, and if you haven’t had a chance to see their new AEG releases, check them out at or ask for them at your favorite retailer! We have my eyes on the SR-10…

Remember to keep sending in your segments, news,  voicemail on the Airsoftology line (615-713-2227) or anything airsoft related to the show.  If it’s something that is new and we haven’t seen, we’ll reward you with show swag! And speaking of swag, if you want to support the show, and get some great patches in the process, head over to the store link above an pick up the Fall/Winter 2009 limited edition Airsoftology patch set.

Also, don’t forget about the Invading Winter event coming up on November 13-15, spot s are going fast…we’d love to see you all there!

Informative with a touch of humor; we break down the news, reviews and tech tips that you want to hear."


CA B&T MP5 A2 Tactical Lighted Forearm

The Classic Army range of MP5's are known as good rifles. Let's see what this new "updated" B&T MP5 A2 SMG has to offer. This B&T variant claims to be an exact replica of the MP5's most special operation units use. It comes with full metal body with serial number, Navy version trigger group (SEF), flash light foregrip, navy style flash hider, full metal body, a dustcover/ejection port that hides the full metal hopup and ofcourse the origional B&T logo is engraved! Here you will find some more information about B&T (Brügger & Thomet); Looks like an impressive list of improvements to me. The rifle will cost you around the 335 Euro, let's see if they are worth it. We would first like to thank Classic Army and Action Sportgames for their generosity to provide this rifle for review.

Real Steel Rifle Information
The Heckler & Koch MP5 is a submachine gun, developed by German weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch (HK) in the 1960s. A typical MP5 fires 9mm Luger ammunition from a curved detachable box-type magazine. The MP5's accuracy, reliability, and wide range of accessories and variants have made it the submachine gun of choice for military and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

The original MP5 was available in fixed or folding butt forms. Some variants did not have a 3-round burst capacity, or had only a 3-round burst mode. In 1971 (MP5A2) and 1973 (MP5A3), HK made several general improvements in the MP5.

The next major development was the MP5SD series (SD1-SD6), introduced in 1974. This model had an integrated suppressor and a specially-made barrel which reduced the muzzle velocity of its ammunition to just below the speed of sound. The result was that the MP5SD series is almost inaudible at distances of more than 15 meters. By its remarkable sound and almost invisible muzzle flash, it is chosen as a stealthy operating weapon in many police and military forces.

Under a special contract from the United States Navy, HK developed the MP5N or "MP5 Navy" variant for the Navy's elite special operations units (including the U.S. Navy SEALs). The MP5N features a fully-ambidextrous trigger group, a retractable stock, and a threaded barrel for mounting suppressors. In addition, HK replaced many of the metal parts on the MP5N with lighter and corrosion-resistant plastics.

With the increased use of body armor, the future of the MP5 is uncertain. Several new trends in gun design have begun to eclipse the submachine gun; small caliber PDW like HK's new MP7 and compact carbines such as the M4, AKS-74, the G36C variant of HK's G36, and the XM8 rifle based on the G36. For now the gun is highly popular with special forces and counter-terrorism units around the world.

Facts and features
Classic Army has redesigned its entire line of MP5 series AEG's. The new look includes both a facelift as well as functional improvements. The facelift includes indiviual series numbered Brugger and Thomet logos on every MP5! On the functional side Classic Army has made some significant changes as well, including:

    * Navy grip
    * Full metal body
    * Metal front set
    * Hi-cap magazine (200 Rd)
    * New Design Hop Up System!
    * Quick Disassembly Metal Body
    * Flashlight fore grip with 6V light bulb
    * Movable Cocking Lever and Functioning Bolt Cover
    * Real Gun Logo with Unique Serial Number

The most significant of these changes is the hop-up system. The old-style exposed adjuster on the left side of the foregrip is gone. For those of you who own an MP5 and have to reset the hop-up because it constantly gets bumped, this is a big deal. The new hop-up system is similar to an M4-style AEG. Located behind a moveable bolt cover, the new design protects the hop-up from accidental bumping, as well as dirt and debris. We will see this later in the review, for now we list all the facts about the gun below...

Product Name     CA B&T MP5 A2
Model Number     MP001M
Weight     2635.0g
Barrel Length     229mm
Barrel Caliber     6.08mm
Bullet Capacity     200
Bullet     6mm BB
Hop-Up     Adjustable
Initial Bullet Speed     92 (306) m/s (fps)
Shooting Mode     Semi, Full Auto
Battery Type     Large Type

First Impression
The first impression of this rifle was wauw! This new generation MP5 looked really promissing but now in real life they look awesome. The finish, the looks and the feels are very good! It was finally here for review. The box design is good as always with Classic Army, all wrapped up in nice bubble wrap. The gun arrived in perfect condition. The body is full-metal in construction and the finish is superb and makes the hart of this MP5 rock solid. Even the ejection port looked excellent. I picked up the gun to find that the weight was nicely balanced and respectable. The plastic parts on the gun are also of high quality!

What really is nice is that a Flashlight fore grip with 6V light bulb is included into this package! The asembly really fits good and is wel finished. The power of this 6V lightbulb performs very well. It really contributes to the cool SWAT look! 2 CR123A batteries are needed for the flashlight and it gives a nice bright lightbundle. However I must say the RICO Alpha 9 provides a better stronger light but this is a special designed tactical light.

One of the biggest improvements on this MP5 is the newly designed Quick Disassembly Metal Body which enables you to acces your gearbox really easy. We will see this when we will further at the internal parts.

Trade marks are a big issue on this gun; Classic Army has purchased the license from B&T so they can use all their trademarks on the gun. Which is really a big plus for collectors.


The new hop-up assembly together with the Movable Cocking Lever and Bolt Cover is a great feature of this MP5. The newly designed hop-up is very user friendly and really easy to adjust. It's not working with the old hop-up wheel but with a little slide which indicates how much hop-up you have selected. You can see this clear on the picture...

It's this easy: Just pull the cocking lever and now the bolt cover automatically opens where you can see the hop-up adjustment slide. Now select the desired hop-up level and close the bolt cover again by putting back the cocking lever. That's all. This works far easier without any tools and small adjustment wheels. I also think it will prevent further problems in the future. Sometimes the hop-wheel does not hold it's possition and after a few shots it bumps and you need to readjust it. This slide hop-up model is much more solid and accurate and will hold the level of hop-up you have selected.

What was kinda disappointing is the fit of the magazine into the magwell, a standard hi-cap magazine is included. I does fit and will hang on, however it is far too loose. You won't loose the magazine in the field however the movement of the mag should not be there. To be clear the magazine itself opperates perfect and does not have any feeding problems yet. Take care of the magazine well and do not let mud or sand go into it. We opened the magazine to see the inside and a lot of plastic radars take care of the loading. This is very fragile so we advice to take really well care for your magazines to avoid any feeding problems. When these occur open the magazine carefully, remove the durt with a tooth brush and spray some silicone. All should be fine again. When still having problems replace the inner part (MP017-3) with a new one.

The MP5 opperates on a 8.4V battery and it opperates really good. The Rate Of Fire (ROF) is just fine! Unfortunately you can't use a 9.6V battery because it's to large. However i think there is some room left you might get a 9.6V battery in the stock with some minor modifications. Alternative options are the use high speed motors and gears to increase the ROF. Actually this is not worth spending the extra money on since the 8.4V battery together with the stock set-up just works fine!

The Movable Cocking Lever and Functioning Bolt Cover are really fun to work with and enables you to easily adjust and fine-tune the hop-up. The sigts and the NAVY/SEF trigger group are great in performance. There is no "grey-aria" when selection your fire mode, it all clicks pleasantly in place. This is a great improvement from older MP5 versions. You may have wondered what "SEF" stands for. The three letters of the fire selector mean:

S = Sicher or 'Safe'
E= Einzelfeuer or Semi-auto in English.
F= Feuerstoß or full automatic in English.

Here an informal translation to remind it more easily:

S= Safe
E= Economical

The FPS test shows that this MP5 shoots at around the 306 FPS on average. With ups and downs of 300 FPS to 310 FPS. We tested this with a Guarder SPEEDER-2000 chrony which is an exelent opto-electric chrony which performs great inside and outside. And offcourse we use some 0,20 Gr Bb's of the brand KSC. Find below some pictures of the chrono testing...

This is just fine straight out of the box. With this power you can shoot over a quite impressive range!! I am used to my 2 tear old CA M15A4 Rifle which has a lot of range, but this MP5 performs nearly as good and maybe even better! I didn't expect an MP5 to shoot this well! Maybe also because of the new hop-up feature...

Affcourse we also did some grooping tests. We did this with a standard NLAIRSOFT.COM target printed on A4 paper. We shot around 10 to 15 rounds at 10 meter. See below the impressive result!

As you can see the groupings are really good! The spreading are less than 4cm by 6cm and all are in the 8/9/10 region. However there are 2 shots totally out of range which we did not include in the grouping. Actually i think this MP5 shoots better than my 2 year old CA M15A4 Rifle. Accuracy is thus a big plus for this rifle something we didn't expect from an MP5!

Overall, I am very pleased with the Classic Army B&T MP5A2 SMG. Ideal for CQB environments! The fact that these are version 2 guns where most problems are corrected leads me to believe that these guns are of superb quality. Classic Army learly shows that they do liste to their customers feedbacks from the field. All the new features make this gun a very convincing replica. The gun is very solid, heavy, and shoots very accurate. Fit and finish is excellent overall, and the gun has a nice appearance to it. A very cool navy look! I would highly recommend that anyone looking for an MP5 consider this gun, as they are good value for money. I have tried to think of anything that could use improvement on this gun, and I really can't come up with anything substantial except some external accesoires.

Final Grading

Quality: *****
Reliability: *****
Accuracy: *****
Comfort: ****
Value: ****
Over-all: ****

We have scanned the manuals included with this gun. Click on the images to enlarge and find some usefull operating information. Find also below the technical details of this CA B&T MP5 A2, all parts are labled and can easily be ordered. Very usefull when you are planning maintenance and need to know how to reassemble...


External links

CA M15A4 Carbine

Being an avid Airsoft player, I am always looking for the best deal. Marui has been known for there great AEG’s because they were very durable and literally never broke down, because of there good reputation, it  made them the only reliable AEG creator and thus everyone and there mom bought a Tokyo Marui AEG. Making Tokyo Marui the Microsoft of the airsoft world. In search for something different, me and my friend bought a Classic Army M4A1 version 3, only to realize first hand that Classic Army had bad quality guns. Although it seemed like a good deal, metal body, pre-upgraded, and under 300 dollars, it was not worth the hassle, during the first hour of play the gun broke, and it was then that I vowed never to buy a Classic Army gun. Fast forward 1 year later, and Classic Army has released yet another version of the M4a1 Dubbed the “M15a4 Carbine” sporting legal trademarks of Armalite Inc., steel gears, pre-upgraded, high speed and high torque motor, and under 300 dollars it seems like yet again, another bargain. Usually I would not fall for it again, but I wanted to give it a chance. It would only make sense that they would improve this time….. right?

With Tokyo Marui leading the way in the AEG world of airsoft, many companies have tried to surpass them in terms of value and quality. Classic Army, well known for their full metal body AEG’s have failed numerous time in trying to surpass Marui is terms of quality and value. Because of there many failures in creating quality AEG’s many players and dealers alike have decided not to buy them. I for one have decided to give this company another chance despite there failure in the past

First Impression
Taking the gun out of the box and holding it made me think, “hmmm… another M4”. Holding it felt a lot better than the Tokyo Marui M4. The Nylon and glass fiber hand grip and sliding stock is the first difference I notice. Compared to the TM M4 the hand grip feels not so smooth and toy like. It feels more realistic. Hard to explain, but all I have to say is that it feels better than a Marui.

The trades are a nice addition to the gun, but I still prefer Colt’s trademark, I think these trades are a nice addition and not to mention they are legal, so no putty here.


The metal body feels sturdy, just like a metal body should be. The metal body adds a lot of weight to it, and makes it cold to the touch giving the user an added sense of realism. A definite plus here, compared to CA metal body in the past, I would say it’s up to par with systema’s own metal body in terms of feel. I also like the color of it, unlike Tokyo Marui’s grayish M4A1, Classic Army made there’s a solid black. A very nice touch.     

Also the hop-up is similar to the Tokyo Marui M4A1, but by pulling the charging handle will NOT open up the dust cover unlike the Tokyo Marui M4. Instead Classic Army did a more innovative solution which is more durable. They used magnets to open and close the dust cover. In the past I had my dust cover latch break, and I think this is a better solution.

The removable carrying handle is metal unlike Tokyo Marui’s plastic one, but the design is similar. Like the Marui, it has adjustable sights on the carrying handle, a major plus.  With the carrying handle taken off, it turns the m15 into a flat top receiver to put scopes mounts and other accessories on the top rail.


The handgrip is where the battery is stocked, and you can see in the picture it can fit a 9.6v 1700mah Nun-chuck battery without modification. It’s been made to fit the 9.6v so if you are to buy this gun DO NOT buy a mini 8.4v 600mah. Since the gun is already pre-upgraded the 8.4v 600mah battery will not last, the 9.6v is the only way to go for optimum performance.


Accuracy and Testing

For accuracy,testing, and power I used .20g Airsoft Elite bb’s, a G&P 130 round magazine and 9.6v 1700mah Nun chuck battery.
Without further a due, let me tell you this now. THIS GUN WITH A 9.6V BATTERY ROCKS! The rate of fire on this gun is super fast thanks to the high torque motor and steel gears. I must say this gun is the fastest shooting gun in stock form that I have ever seen. It can go through a G&P 130 magazine in seconds and it can empty a Tokyo Marui/Classic Army magazine in no time. To put it in short the rate of fire is astonishing.
When testing for accuracy I tried grouping the gun at optimum hop-up for straight shooting. So first I tried the single shot test where as you can see in the picture the, the grouping was ok. 3 other people tried it and it seems the gun purposely shoots a little to the right as the grouping is on average 2 inches. Not great compared to other TM guns.

When shot in full auto, as you can see in the picture it is still at a grouping of 2 inches on average with the occasional middle shot. Not bad at all.

As you know the m15a4 carbine is pre-upgraded when you buy it. Most people think that the m15A4 has 350 FPS, but that is not true. When I first took it out of the box and chrono’d it,  the average FPS is 330.4 as you can see in the picture, more powerful than a stock TM, but it’s not like TM makes any of there guns over 300 fps anyway.

Now we know the gun shoots great at first, but how long will this gun really last? Because with a gun that is shooting that fast, I expected it to strip gears, or strip the teeth off the piston within no time. It seems that I have been proven wrong. Within the first 3 hours of firing we fired off a whole bag of 3000 Airsoft elite bb’s with no problems whatsoever. Sure it fires great inside but what about outdoors? After 6 straight hours at a paintball park and numerous skirmishes on free fields, I was yet again surprised that it lasted reliably. It was kicked around, abused, fired numerous times, dropped, and thrown around, so in short the gun lasted a whole month of plinking and skirmishing with no problems whatsoever.

Comparing the Tokyo Marui M4A1 and the Classic Army M15A4
Technically speaking these guns should not even compare because of what they feature. The Classic Army M15 has a metal body and is pre-upgraded, while the Tokyo Marui M4 has a plastic body and stock internals. But in terms of looks I will let the picture tell it all. And in terms of value, I would definitely go for the Classic Army M15A4 Carbine.

It seems that after all that classic army has done in the past, they have finally learned from there mistakes, and made a winner. With all the tests passed, I feel this gun is a great gun, it shoots fast, it’s quite durable for the time being, and it’s a great value for all you get. But there are a few problems mind you, but they are very small

    * When first bought it is really difficult taking out the handgrip to put in the battery, so I have to take out the handgrip spring and modify it. Not a big problem, but with a little modification it can be solved, and it could’ve just been my gun.
    * It cannot use Airsoft Elite M4/M16 magazines reliably. After trying to test a full Airsoft Elite magazine we found that it cannot feed it properly, we had to push it up to feed properly. So if you buy this gun we recommend you do not use Airsoft Elite M4/M16 magazines as they tend to misfeed.

Besides those problems the gun works fine. All Marui magazines including the 190 hicap, Classic Army Magazines, and G&P magazines work well with it. So in closing, I would say Classic Army’s M15A4 Carbine is a sure winner. We have yet to open one, but why should we? I believe the gun is great as is, so there is no reason to open it. Now if you wanted to upgrade a stock gun, I don’t recommend buying this, as we are unsure of its upgrade capabilities. But as a stock gun, this is sure no doubt a great buy. We plan to sell these in the near future, so keep on a look out.
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