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Chinese "ChiCom" Canvas Chest Rig

Let's start this review by thanking Flecktarn for providing this Chest Rig for review purpus. Fot those who on't know, is the specialist when you are looking for a need airsoft out-fit. It is a very nice onlineshop in the England with all the camouflage you can dream of. They are a military clothing and equipment supplier specialising in German, British, Danish, East German and Black military kit for the UK/World market. Their aim is to provide you with the best quality at an honest price. Let's hav a look if this Chinese "ChiCom" Canvas Chest Rig is worth his price...

We are ready for the chest rig now. We start with a quote taken from the website of Flecktarn themself. It will provide some general information about this Chinese "ChiCom" Canvas Chest Rig. Here we go:

"Classic design Chinese chest rig for the AK 47. Made of heavy-duty cotton canvas, this chest rig will hold one full-sized AK47 magazine in each of the front three pockets. There are two smaller pockets on each side, two of which are lined with vinyl, which are designed to hold items such as grenades and other small utility items. The magazine pockets are made in two stages to ensure correct and regular sizing. All pockets are double stitched onto the chest rig base. Pockets are closed with flaps, which are secured into place with wooden toggle and loop closure. Chest rig shoulder straps are adjustable through a self-tensioning adjustment metal ring and bar system and excess strap length is secured into place under a vinyl loop. The chest rig is tied into place around the back. The chest rig is completely silent in operation, extremely stable when worn and maintains a low profile. A classic piece of kit suitable for airsofters, role players, re-enactment and film/theatre."

See below a nice image of this Canvas Chest Rig in reality...

First impression

Build quality
The chest rig is made from thick olive green cotton canvas and is exceedingly hard wearing and will last a long time for sure.

The rig will hold three AK-47 magazines close to the user's chest, giving a low profile, the magazines require a little bit of pushing to get them in completely initially, due to a stitch line along the bottom of the pouch, but this soon becomes easier and is the same with all of these designs of chest rigs. The pouches are closed by folding a canvas flap down and securing it with wooden toggles.

This looks like a fiddly procedure and is made more difficult with full finger gloves. It is however surprisingly simple to use after some practise. Due to the length of the magazines it is unlikely for them to fall out during running or other excited movement and so closing the pouches is not necessary if speed of reloading is an issue.

On either side are two smaller cubed shaped pouches. The furthest left pouch, from the wearer's point of view, is lined with a thin plastic vinyl sheet. This is designed for storing an AK-47 cleaning kit and oil bottle, but can be easily used for any other purpose.

The side pockets ideal for holding small smoke grenades, BB grenades, 1500 - 2000 BBs in a folded bag, or any other similar sized items such as the small Motorola Radios or a pair of gloves.

The rig is held to the user with two simple canvas cross-shoulder straps and another pair of straps tied together behind the user's back. This is simplicity at its best. The shoulder straps have a metal wire buckle that is used to adjust the length and excess material can be held out of the way with a leather loop. These straps are pretty simple but i think they don't provide the maximum comfort. Personally i prefer something more than only straps. This is just a personal thing...

Camouflage and Colors
The chest rig is made from olive green cotton canvas. And as far as we know there is no other color availeble. When you go for the Vietnam look, the olive green color is all you need.

I totally agree on the quote from the website. The chest rig is indeed completely silent in operation. No "kling" from any clips, zippers or what ever, ideal! The vest is also extremely stable when worn and maintains a low profile. No shaking, banging etc. It fits really good. The straps are ok, but as i mentioned before i prefer something more then only straps, maybe because i am used the a tactical vest. The straps can be easily adjusted and even me (quite big) can fit the chest rig perfect. However the green cotton used is of a very high quality and you can feel it will last a long time!

Further more the pouches can be easily accessed and the usage is just fine. No frustrations to open the pouches, i didn't loss and gear and so on.

This is an excellent choice for any re-enactors or themed airsofters looking for a good quality piece of kit that fits the Vietnam image. Despite the simplicity of the design, it is comfortable to wear and hangs stady and above all it is very usefull! The pockets availeble are simple to use and easily accessed and they perfect fit AK type magazines. The price is also very reasonable coming in at only £15 from flecktarn with other surplus providers prices ranging from £15 - £25. I think Flecktarn did a very good job here!

Final Grading
Dealer: *****
Quality: ****
Reliability: ****
Comfort: ***
Value: *****
Over-all: ****

Classic Army M15A4 Carbine Sportline

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Classic Army M15A4 Rifle

I always dreamed to have a nice airsoft rifle, and especially a M16 rifle. Nowadays there are a lot of brands on the market when we are talking about M16 series; Systema, Marui, CA, ICS, G&P, G&G etc. Marui has been known for there great AEG’s, because they were very durable and literally never broke down. Also Systema is well known because of their durable parts and exelent finish on their rifle's. But I was looking for something different, more solid, something heavier and something more smashing and not to expensive. In search for something matching all my preferences I was looking at the Classic Army range of M15 Armalite rifle’s. The one who immediately became my favorite was the M15A4 Rifle. This is just a personal question here and a matter of taste. My first thoughts were; Should I buy this rather new kind of equipment from CA? Heard several bad stories, had some negative advice on them but finally there he was...

[CA M15A4 R out of the box]

I would like to thank Classic Army and in special Sergio from VISELE Classic Army Italia for providing this review model. We are very glad to do a review of this rifle ourselves. Thanks for your great support and effort for this review!

Facts and features
Let’s start with the facts of this rifle. What is this gun able to? These are the stock specifications listed in the Classic Army voucher and the additional manual supplied with the gun. You can find this manual at the end of the review. Later on we will test the rifle if all the facts are really true.

Product Name     CA M15A4 Rifle
Model Number     AR003M
Weight     3143.0g
Barrel Length     510mm
Barrel Caliber     6.08mm
Bullet Capacity     300
Bullet     6mm BB
Initial Bullet Speed     85-95 m/sec or 280.5 - 313.5 fps
Battery Type     Large Type (8.4V - 12V)

In this part we will briefly provide some more background information about Classic Army themself and there previous M15 series. Classic Army also known as Yick Fung Industrial International Ltd. is located in Hong Kong. Here their company profile as stated on their website:


    With experience in die casting and CNC computerized manufacturing, Yick Fung is one of the largest airsoft gun manufacturers in South East Asia.

    We specialize in producing 1:1 scale metal casting airsoft guns, metallic accessories and spare parts under our brand name "Classic Army". Our replica products present a sense of realism.

    With our good endeavor in providing high quality airsoft guns, wide range of metallic accessories and spare parts, we have gained a good reputation in this industry. Many training schools for SWAT and law enforcement units in the world also use our rifles for training.

    The delicate design and the finest furnishings of the metal body is very popular and being presented on the MP5, M15 and M24 gun series. Especially the M15, because of the real gun logo - ArmaLite is used and each rifle has a serial number, this raises the interest of collection among users.

Classic Army and their M15 series. Classic Army is well known for their full metal body AEG’s, have failed numerous time in trying to surpass Marui is terms of quality and value. In the previous gun series of the M15 there were a lot of mistakes made and there were many complaints. The plastic that the stock and foregrip were made from being far too weak, and prone to snapping, the barrel tightening ring lubs snap off, the foregrip fell off far to easily, the gearboxes regularly jammed etc. Just to mention several problems. Because of there many failures in creating quality AEG’s many players and dealers alike have decided not to buy them. Classic Army had bad reputation. But Classic Army came back and has released yet another version of the M15 series named the “Classic Army M15A4 AEG's”. This time with legal trademarks of Armalite Inc., steel gears, pre-upgraded, high speed and high torque motor, and under 300 dollars it seems like a nice deal. And sure they have improved their rifle this time! The official list looks like this:

    * New Metal Body - ‘Armalite’ Real Gun Logo / Laser Script
    * Improved material of Hard Grip, Fore grip and Retractable Stock (Change from Plastic to Nylon & Glass Fiber)
    * Individual Series no. will be added
    * New Gears will be used (high speed gears and motor)
    * Re-enforced Adaptor Ring for Fore grip
    * New Version of Hop-up Chamber & Rubber
    * High Speed & High Torque Motor
    * Harder Fixed Stock which can use 10.8 V battery
    * This review model also got the latest fiberglass improved stock and hand guard.

First Impression
Here are my first thoughts when i saw this rifle. Taking the gun out of the box and immediately checking all the mistakes of the previous version I was truly impressed. Holding it made me think, “This is what you call a rifle!”. The rifle felt a lot better than the Tokyo Marui series I have played with. The glass fiber reinforced hand grip and sliding stock is the first difference I notice. Compared to the TM M733 the hand grip feels not so smooth and toy like. It feels more realistic. I was also astonished by the metal body, it is a great feeling and it makes the gun rock solid! The trademarks of Armalite inc. look very nice, even as the serial number which makes your gun unique. They are both laser printed and that gives a nice professional look. Overal I really had the "wow!" effect :)

[Metal Body & Trademarks]

The metal body feels sturdy, just like a metal body should be. The metal body adds a lot of weight to it, and makes it cold to the touch giving the user an added sense of realism. A definite plus here, compared to Classic Army metal body in the past. The bod of a Marui can't even come close. I also like the color of it, Classic Army made there a solid black. A very nice touch. One minor thing is, that when you look very carefully you could see the difference between several materials used. There is a slight difference in color between the metal body and the fire selector fore example. But this is hardly worth mentioning.

The hop-up is similar to the Tokyo Marui M4A1, but by pulling the charging handle will Nnot open up the dust cover. Instead Classic Army did a more innovative solution which is more durable. They used magnets to open and close the dust cover. In the past I had my dust cover latch break, and I think this is a better solution. it works perfect during the use.

[Hop-Up unit with dust cover open]

The removable carrying handle is also made in a nice metal version, the design is similar to most of the M16 rifle series, it has also the standard adjustable sights. With the carrying handle taken off, it turns the m15 into a flat top receiver to put scopes mounts and other accessories on the top rail. There are a lot of accesoires available nowadays, but we won’t go into detail in this review. At the end i will finished with a nice picture of the CA M15A4 R with several accesoires added.

[Carry Handle]

The battery is stocked at the back of the rifle in the new designed fiberglass reinforced stock. The stock is made really nice and looks perfect. The material used feels good and sturdy. The stock can fit a 10.8V 2000mah battery, there is no modification needed at all! The battery cover is nicely made of metal and has a firm lock on it, no moving parts there. So do not hesitate to go for a 10.8V battery because this will lead to optimal performance. Some people say a even a 12V battery can fit, but i would not advise to use a 12V battery to extend the lifetime of your airsoft rifle.


The grips also looks and feels good as mentioned before. It has a nice finished and is solid. However a friend of mine fell on his gun during the games and his grip was broken at the end, also his motor was highly damaged. So the grip isn't rock solid ;) Just use the rifle properly and there won't be a problem.


Magazine's are also very important. What about a gun without BB's and a lot of feeding problems? Useless! Therefore we also take a quick look at the magazine included in this package. The magazine fits needly into the metal body. I also used an EasyCompany Thermold mag in this rifle, Diemaco style all the way ;), and there were no problems at all. Fits good and feeding went well. Compared to a TM magazine, they are nearly identically, there might be a slight difference in color... Classic Army provides several different Magazines, to start with a 68rd low cap magazine, a 190rd mid cap and a 300rd high cap!


A quick look on the internal parts. Takedown, Inside the gearbox, Stripping the gearbox etc. We did not yet do an internal investigation because the gun didn't need to have one. Sofar no internal problems, when we need to fix something, we will add our impressions to this review.

This gun is really a pleasure to use during the games. I now tried it for a couple of months and it just works fine! No jams, no feeding problems, no broken parts, no hop-up problems etc. So the mechanical side of the gun is just fin. I am also very satisfied about the performance of the gun. I did not experience any outrange by other rifle's :) Also the accuracy and the reliability is something where you can count on with this gun. The feel is also good, it is heavy indeed, but that's the way it is. You really feel you've got a rifle between your hands! Besides many people argue that a rifle is way to long during the games. This is offcourse always a matter of taste and habituation but personally i don't think this gun is TOO long, maybe also because I am about 195cm.

[During the game...]

Off course we did also a FPS test. We need to mention that we tested the rifle with 0,20 Gr KSC BB's and the excellent Guarder SPEEDER-2000 chrony. And we were very supprised here again. The gun shoots on average 330 fps out of the box! This is a very nice result for a stock gun at this price level. The mayor peak was at 342,5 FPS and the lower limit was at 305 FPS. So when you buy this rifle you don't need to worry about an upgrade at all! We did also a test 2 year after the purchase, the gun now shoots at 304 FPS with up's and downs of 5 FPS, still very good and consistant.

Grouping is a very important issue and here are our test results. This CA M15A4 Rifle performs good and has grouping of 6cm by 8cm. We used the standard target of NLAIRSOFT.COM and printed it on a A4 paper and we shoot from 10 meters we also need to mention that we used an Elcan scope here during the test which was configured well. See the results below...

It seems that after all what classic army has done in the past, they have deffenately learned from there mistakes, and made a superb rifle for a affordable price. With all the tests passed, I feel this gun is a great gun, it has a high rate of fire, it’s quite durable for now, and it’s a great value for all you get. But there are a few problems which i discovered and however they are minor problems i would like to mention them:

    * As i discribed in the usage section i had a problem with the fire selector at the beginning. I needed to open the gearbox to fix te problem. Now it is working properly.
    * Also the color difference on the metal used is a very small issue.
    * After 2 years of usage, the hop-up unit does not stick well anymore, it loosens back to zero when shooting 2 or 3 times, very frustrating. A new hop-up unit is needed!

Besides those minor problems the gun works realy fine. All Marui magazines including the 190 hicap, Classic Army Magazines, and G&P magazines work well with it. So to close with, I would say Classic Army’s M15A4 Rifle is a must have! And here is a nice picture of the rifle louded with several additional accesoiries.

Final Grading
Quality: *****
Reliability: ****
Comfort: *****
Value: *****
Over-all: *****

[Ca M15A4 Rifle & Accesoiries]

We have scanned the manuals included with this gun. Click on the images to enlarge and find some usefull operating information.

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Classic Army SLR-105

We are proud to bring you a complete review of the latest offering by Classic Army, the SLR-105. For those who don’t know, the Classic Army SLR-105 is a licensed copy of the real SLR-105 AK made by Arsenal of Bulgaria. Arsenal in turn produces copies of the ultramodern Russian AK-74 for Eastern European countries. Unlike the real AK-47, the real SLR-105 fires a 5.45mm round, rather than a 7.62mm round. The Arsenal SLR-105 also happens to be the only 5.45mm AK that is currently imported in the US. This rifle is the most modern assault rifle issued to the armies of former Soviet countries, replacing the AK-47 that has been around since the Vietnam era. Classic Army has done a fantastic job of replicating the newest version of the famed AK. We will take you through a detailed walkthrough of this great new replica.

First of all, the SLR-105 has a clean flat matte black finish that makes it feel and look like the real rifle. From the grips to the stock, the ABS feels exactly like the real steel versions. True to form, Classic Army has built this gun using a metal receiver, although it is a lightweight aluminum as opposed to steel used in the real weapon. This does not mean it is weak by any means and will be easier to carry in the field without getting fatigued too quickly. The rear sight block, however, is still plastic, but the rest of the barrel assembly – the outer barrel, gas tube, and front and rear sights – is metal. The selector switch is very similar to the Tokyo Marui version with one slight difference, there is no small "button" over the screw that holds it on to the gun. The front and rear sights are fully adjustable and work like the Marui AK. The ribbed top receiver gives the gun a clean, modern appearance and fits tightly on the receiver. The detail put in all areas of the rifle are top notch.

Here is a close up look at the gas tube and foregrips.

Here you can see the detail in the fully adjustable rear sight and rear sight block.

The left side of the AEG displays the accurately reproduced markings.

Here you can see the selector switch detail.

The ABS stock even has the indented sides. This does not interfere with a large type battery, allowing installation of a 8.4V 3600 mah battery or 9.6V 1700 mah 4/5C battery.

The sight picture is very crisp looking and will make acquiring your target an easy task.

The SLR-105 comes with a 600 round hicap magazine.

Here is a close up shot of the pistol grip. Notice the checkerboard pattern on the grip. The ABS looks and feels like the real deal.

The top ribbed receiver.

Performance and Features
As with all currently produced Classic Army AEGs, the CA SLR-105 is not only built solidly, but offers great performance straight out of the box. The stock velocity is 310-320fps with a 0.20g BB (ToyTec) and draws 13-14 amps. The rate of fire with an 8.4v battery is roughly 700 rounds per minute and jumps to 900 rounds per minute with a 9.6v battery. The hicap magazine feeds flawlessly and the AEG can accept Marui hicaps and standards with no problems. A large type battery fits nice in the stock and appears to have room for a 9.6v large type but the wires for the battery seem to prevent the rear butt plate from closing completely. This was a little disappointing but it is just like the Marui AK.

One major difference is that rear butt plate is attached to the stock by two flathead screws and does not "snap" on like the Tokyo Marui model. While this does not facitlitate fast battery changes, it does 1) duplicate the real SLR exactly and 2) prevents that common problem with Marui AKs: lost buttstock plates. One nice feature the SLR-105 has is the rear sling swivel. Instead of having it attached to the receiver itself, it is on the stock as shown in the picture below.

This design is very handy for a right handed person, but for a lefty you would need to attach a 3 point type sling to the rear like usual. Nice feature and clean looking, but not 100% user friendly.

The SLR-105's hopup adjustment knob is placed and functions exactly like the Marui AK-47

Taking the SLR-105 apart is just like taking a Tokyo Marui AK-47 apart. After removing the top plate, the inner plastic bolt housing is exposed and is pleasantly familiar.

Four screws hold the front barrel assembly to the receiver. The top bolt cover is held on by the small side screw as pictured, as well as the hop up adjustment lever screw.

The upper front receiver of the SLR-105 has all the same features as the Marui as you can see in the 2 pictures above.

After removing the pistol grip, the CA Hyper short motor is exposed.

Standard version 3 gearbox but with black selector arm and top rib piece for the shell.

On the opposite side, it looks identical to a Marui AK gearbox.

Once the gearbox is opened, you see all the parts you come to expect from a Classic Army AEG. Like all their latest models, they all sport a polycarbonate piston, uni-directional piston head, a reinforced standard ratio flat gear set, and a brass spring guide just like the Area 1000 Ver3 spring guide. This is one strong gear box! The compression in the cylinder was excellent. We did add a little grease to the brass nozzle on the cylinder head to eliminate a small air leak. Other than that, it was a tight seal. We checked the shimming and it was a little loose, but not enough to be worried about. There was some minor play in the gears and the bushings were a little dry, but nothing a little oil didn’t fix when applied to the gearbox from the outside

We installed a Systema M120 spring into the gun after checking the most important areas and making sure the seal and shimming was done properly. After reassembling the gun, we test fired it with the same BB's as before (ToyTec 0.20g) and it was firing 375-385fps and drew 16-17 amps. A Guarder SP120 spring should have no problem pushing this gun to 400 fps with 0.2g bbs. The gun after upgrading sounded snappy and quite intimidating…just like an AK should! At the higher velocity, the rate of fire was around 600 rounds per minute with an 8.4v battery and jumped up to 800 rounds per minute with a 9.6v battery.

Like all of their AEG's, the Classic Army SLR-105 is top notch when it comes to details, performance and price. It is strongly built, and should withstanding hard usage with a minimum of upgrading. Out of the box it shoots a respectable fps and can be easily upgraded to shoot as hard as you need it to shoot. The gun will accept current Marui AK aftermarket accessories and the internals are fully compatible with everything on the market. As with all Classic Army AEGs, the performance and features you get from this gun is well worth the price when you compare it to a Marui AK.

Final Grading

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