[NL] Twitter Account!

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Today we updated our Twitter background, we filled it up with some airsoft bb's and our logo. Hopefully you will like it!

Currently we have nearly 60 followers and nearly 250 tweets already. We really like the idea of Twittering and will certainly continue with it in the future.

Join the club and start following us on Twitter,

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[NL] @ Joomla Site Showcase!

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Today we are proud to announce that the new website of NLAIRSOFT.COM, NLAIRSOFT.COM V3, is listed at the Joomla Site Showcase! Today we have received the approval and we are very proud of it. We would like to thank GJ-R Webdevelopment & Hosting for their services and all our sponsors who made this possible!



Joomla Site Showcase


[NL] native iPhone app!

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Great news to announce this friday: NLAIRSOFT.COM will release this year our very own native iPhone app! We will start with latest airsoft news and extend the application with airsoft calculators, event updates etc. etc. We are really please we started the development on the app, we hope to apply and get approved around oktober worldwide. Pricing of the app will be around 0,79 Euro/0,99 USD. When having any suggestions on the app, please feel free to contact us! iphone app

We will post regular updates about the iphone app here on our website. Enjoy your airsoft weekends all!

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