The Airsoft Factory - 15/10 grand opening!

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The Airsoft Factory, a 50000 square feet airsoft arena. Damn which this was possible in The Netherlands :)

The Airsoft Factory


The Airsoft Factory Grand Opening is here October 15th 2011.

The finest NJ airsoft arena has landed! This is a real special day.We have been working arounf the clock for the last 4 months to make sure we give you nothing but the best and nothing less.We want to thank Echo 1,Cybergun and TSD for sponsoring this Grand opening they hooked us up with a bunch of really nice Giveaways.

So come down on October 15th and play airsoft in style at the greatest indoor airsoft arenas in NJ. The Airsoft Factory will also have a Pro Shop on site with a cafe and lounge with free wifi.


Thank you for making this happen.See you there!


The end of 2009

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Dear visitors,

2009 has been a great year for NLAIRSOFT.COM, we have launched a complete new website with many new features like the NLAIRSOFT.COM Video Channel and the event calendar.  We also introduced our very own patch and a Twitter account! The community is still growing strong and the NLAIRSOFT.COM crew is working hard to improve the website even further. In 2009 even more visitors have found the NLAIRSOFT.COM website.

We really would like to thank our visitors, active registered members and sponsors for this year! We count for your support in 2010 for another great year!

Wishing you a merry X-mas and a prosperous new year!


The end of chinees clones!?

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With the recent arrest of AGM’s boss and A&K ceasing production of airsoft guns – is this the beginning of the end for Chinese-made airsoft guns?

Chinees clones distroyed

Replica guns distroyed
Shenzhen Customs officers destroy replica guns in the warehouse of its Huizhou anti-smuggling office Thursday. About 2,790 guns and 1,500 kilograms of spare parts were destroyed, Customs officials said Friday. The popularity of field warfare games has contributed to increased demand for replica guns in the domestic market, which has led to an increase in replica gun smuggling cases, officials said. The guns resemble the real thing in color, weight, size and quality, and as such can be used by criminals to threaten victims in robberies and muggings. So far nearly 12,000 smuggled replica guns and spare parts have been seized by the Customs this year. (from Shenzhen Daily)

You can see the original article here:



The Facebook Airsoft Hub

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The Airsoft Hub connects Teams & Players on Facebook

The Facebook Airsoft HubStarted in February 2010, the Airsoft Hub is born of a simple idea: leveraging Facebook to connect Airsoft players and teams all over the world. Thanks to the contribution of its members, the Airsoft Hub is now the fastest growing Airsoft fanpage on Facebook and one of the most active community online.

The Airsoft Hub offers simple features such as news, reviews, forums, ingame photos and tactical resources thanks to partnerships with big players.  As Airsoft gets more and more popular around the world, the Airsoft Hub will help the Community raise its game.  The Hub will also son be focusing on new features such as an Airsoft Marketplace and an International Airsoft Events Calendar.

To join the community visit their Facebook page on and click on “I like”.


UKAPU Members only game

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UKAPU is proud to announce the first UKAPU Members only game

UKAPU is proud to announce the first UKAPU Members only game to be held at Stoke Orchard Airsoft. As UKAPU expands there will be opportunities to have games elsewhere in the country based on players numbers from those areas. The date for the game is Friday the 13th to Saturday the 14th August 2010.

The site is Stoke Orchard Airsoft which is quite a new site off the M5 near Cheltenham. The site is an old coal research facility with lots of buildings to fight around.

On Friday the site is open from 1800 onwards and there will be some evening and night games along with a barbecue (ask beforehand if you have special dietary requirements) followed by a bit of a social evening. On Saturday UKAPU has the exclusive use of the whole site.

The cost is £22.50 for current UKAPU members which includes a decent building to sleep in (bring your own equipment for this - sleeping bags etc.) and the BBQ, which we think is a bargain. Please don't forget your Membership card.

Non members are welcome however the price for non members is £27.50 which includes 1 year's membership to UKAPU. UKAPU will have a member of staff on hand to sign up new members and answer any questions you have (the event is a skirmish for the purposes of UKAPU skirmisher status).

To attend, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and you will be added to the list. This even is only open to skirmishers with their own equipment - No hire guns will be available.

Chris - UKAPU Press contact (

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