3x Cyclone Grenade System package @ Airsoft Innovations

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What is better than 1 grenade? 3 grenades! :)

3x Cyclone Grenade System package @ Airsoft Innovations

This is what we like, and it's available now! The 3x Cyclone Grenade System contains everything you need to demolish your competition on the field :)

"We’ve included 3 of our Cyclone Impact Grenades, 3 HANN Grenade Holsters, 3 Lanyard Reels and 3 Limited Morale Patches. Also Includes 3x Grenade Oils and 3x Grenade Skin Sets. Get 3 devastating sidearms for the price of one.

$185 Value for only $135 for a limited time. BANG for the buck!

3x Cyclone Impact Grenades
•Grenade spins while firing 140 BBs in all directions at 225fps!
•Quantum Drive design delivers more power than any other airsoft grenade
•Gas powered (propane/green gas or 134a)
•Sensitive and reliable impact head
•Easy to reset and reload (no tools required)
•Scoop load BBs for quick reloads

3x HANN Grenade Holsters
•Molle compatible holster clip for keeping your grenades ready for fast deployment
•Bungee secondary retention to secure your grenades

3x Lanyard Reels
•Lanyard reel prevents loss of your Cyclone pins and retracts to keep them out of the way.

3x Limited Morale Patches
•Confers a +3 morale and +3 charisma bonus to the wearer.

Notive we also haven’t neglected single Cyclone Impact Grenades. Now included in each single Cyclone Impact is a mystery morale patch. Players will a receive ONE of multiple player type inspired grenade patches to brandish while out fragging their competition. Collect them and trade them.

Both Available now on our website and at a retailer near you.

-The Airsoft Innovations Team 

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