AATV Video Round Up

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Here is the latest update from AATV airsoft shows. A nice round up of their latest airosft video's.Check out the YouTube movies below:




S-Thunder AATV introduces different S-Thunder products:

40mm Grenades

Grenade Launchers





AATV Video Review Shorty: AEG Burst Wizard Little device, big change: The Burst Wizard replaces the full auto mode of your AEG with an adjustable burst mode. AATV reviews the "magic" item:




AATV Video Review: ASG B&T GL-06 AATV reviews the B&T GL-06 Grenade Launcher, which is made by ARES and sold by ASG in Europe. Sorry for the bad audio = rain sucks.





Besides, did you already check their new website? Nice job guys!

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