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Airsoft magazine Airsoft International and Roundhouse productions present to you, Operation: Red Reign. A good looking event, unfortunately held in the USA.

AI 500

In the dark hourse of Mid November, Chinese and North Korean Special Operations Forces, led by Russian Spetznaz forces, make a daring and surprise drop into the small town of Marina, California. This little sleepy town just became the front for what could become World War III.

Britain and the United States stand alone in the face of a global communist threat. Now, behind enemy lines, US and British Special Forces must work together to blunt the offensive launched on US soil.

Even worse, intel reports suggest a possible horror never seen before used on US Soil - the use of Chemical and Bio weapons. Fears that the North Koreans have developed a new bio weapon so frightening, so destructive, that just a few canisters of this vial weapon could decimate the West Coast.

This weapon, designated "Red Reign" must never be released...

Join us for the most intense Urban combat on the west coast!
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