Airsoft Action #91 September 2018 hitting the shops

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Introducing their new branding and logo!

Airsoft Action #91 September 2018 hitting the shops

Issue 91 of Airsoft Action is about to hit the shops, they have been publishing continuously now for 7 years! Congrats guys! For this occasion the logo had a nice refresh. Over the last seven years airsoft has continued to grow, so has Airsoft Action. Read their press release... Btw, did you know they also launched Airsoft Action TV recently?

We are delighted to announce that ex-UKAPU President, player, writer and all-round nice guy, Phil Bucknall, has joined Airsoft Action. Phil brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and will be writing about "modern" airsoft, kicking off with an article about "Plug & Play" MOSFETS for ERGs.

We are sure you will join us in welcoming Phil to the team.

So what else is in the new issue?

Inside you'll find a veritable plethora of articles, including a UK EXCLUSIVE as Tom Hibberd puts the stunning FLIR BREACH through its paces.

From The Armoury we test five very different weapons: NUPROL's N79 grenade launcher, ICS' CXP MARS DMR, G&G's L85 ETU, LCT's AKs and WE's Artillery Luger - in other words, something for everyone!

For gear-lovers we take a closer look at the HAIX BLACK EAGLE boots we gave away last issue, plus VIPER's Covert Boots and Triple Mag Plate, while Bill gets into "Tactical Denim" and introduces Giena Tactics (a Russian brand with its own take on tactical uniforms and performance clothing).

Gadge and Anvil head off to the range to find out what the actual maximimum gaming range of a standard AEG is, Tom checks out a new brand of BB, HORNET TACTICAL PRECISION, while Kelly visits Bravo One for an update and Georaga joins Northern Ireland's NomadNI for a private game at the Gaol.

On top of that you'll find all our regular features and a four-page Airsoft Site and Action Air Directory - plus the chance to WIN the NUPROL N79 grenade-chucker we review, along with three shells!

When we started seven years ago we made a promise to always bring you the widest possible coverage of all things airsoft - and we are not stopping any time soon! We also promised we would never simply fill the magazine with page after page of advertising - and we haven't. Instead we continue to bring you a magazine dedicated to you, the player, full of guns and gear that's good to go, kit that you'll find invaluable no matter what your style of airsoft!

We hope you enjoy the new issue and don't forget to let us know what you think about the new look.

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