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Clarence Lai is well known because of his custom airsoft works. Esspecially for Airsoft IPSC (IAPS). This time it's a new HopUp system for the Marui Hi-Capa, Glock & SIG series GBB pistols. It's a completely new design where most parts are metal, the only rubber you'll find inside is the O-Ring. The unit is a non adjustable, fixed HopUp, which according to Clarence, works best with Excel 0.23 and 0.25, in conjunction with PDI 6,01 mm Palsonite inner barrel. Such a setup should give a very consistent grouping and a very consistent FPS output of 345 FPS measured with the 0.20g BB. This will be a low volume production series, limited edition. As usual with his projects...

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More information up soon!

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