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Massive restock on many brands and products! Monthly Update

The month of October was a good one and we got plenty in stock for November for all the airsoft players out there: had a massive restock on many brands and products. We have made an overview for you so can cherry-pick your favourites:

- Laylax: PSS10 accessories and tuning parts:
- Clawgear: Pouches for rifles and pistols, belts and weapon slings:
- FMA: Grips, beacons, ballistic plate dummies, helmets, magazines:
- Element: Headset, rifle scopes, rails, springs, handguards, reflex sights:
- Pirate Arms: Red dots and reflex sights:
- Umarex: AEGs HK416, Co2 capsules, magazines, GBB and CO2 pistols:
- ASG: GBB pistols, magazines:
- Warrior: Belts, pouches, chest rigs and carriers:
- Oakley: ballistic glasses and goggles:
- Crye Precision: G3 combat pant and shirt, plate carriers and belts:
- Mechanix: shooting and tactical gloves:
- Airtech Studios: innovative battery extension chamber for your AEG stock:

Make sure to head over to and check out all the restocked gear!


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