Arcturus by MOS Manufacture

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A new brand with some interesting not standard models!

Arcturus by MOS Manufacture

MOS Manufacture from China is known because of their brands E&L Airsoft and Meister Arms. Now they added another line of Airsoft replica's under a new brand name called Acturus. Arcturus seems to focus on high quality, unique designs for a fair price! Here in Europe is your place to go when interested. They already offer the CENTAUR A CARBINE and the CENTAUR B CARBINE both for just around 270 euro. Which looks like a really good price/quality proposition there!


Speaking of quality they all come with solid materials like Full Steel or CNC Anodized parts. Some are Steel stamped and QPQ processed. 8mm bearing, 19000RPM motors, Micro Switch, Spring Tension Release system and LiPO ready. ROF is around 12 BBs per second. It also looks the packages include by default 2 mags. 

They certainly won't stop there! A lot of new models have already been announced, what about the Arcturus AK & AK02, Centaur A short, Centaur AR06, Centaur AR07 and the Arcturus PDW! Keep an eye on this brand and their future plans!

arcturus coming soon


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