ASG Announces B&T APC 500 AEG

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Upcoming release for 2022 of the B&T APC 500 AEG

ASG Announces B&T APC 500 AEG

The fully licensed B&T APC 556. This airsoft rifle comes with an EVO Cylinder Package, full metal handguard and receiver, ECU, quick-change spring and M4-style magazines.

Designed to meet the future needs of police and military around the world, the APC556, here in its PDW version with a very short barrel, is a light and stable assault rifle. Thanks to the telescopic stock and short barrel, the weapon is extremely compact and therefore ideal for transport in police vehicles, but also as a PDW in military use. And the extremely easy-to-handle weapon is also a very good choice for all types of special units. We can't wait to see this in an Airsoft AEG version! Stay tuned!

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