Biggest Airsoft Shop in Europe just opened

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Walk-in shop, warehouse, and office of 600sqm (6,458sqft)!!

Biggest Airsoft Shop in Europe just opened reports that the largest airsoft shop in Europe just opened in Sweden. Last 26 August 2017, Frysen Airsoft's new store in Jönköping finally opened with a big number of customers dropping by to check what the store has available for them. The whole facility (walk-in shop, warehouse, and office) is 600sqm (6,458sqft). Their aim is to become the biggest in the world!

Evike Superstore in the USA is over 100,000 square feet (over 9,290sqm) so they have way to go. When ever in Sweden, this is certainly recommended to bring a visit as Airsoft enthousiast... You do know a bigger airsoft shop in Europe? Do let us know :)

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