CAA Airsoft Devision - M4 360rds mags

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CAA Airsoft Devision - M4 360rds mags

More and more real steel arms manufacturers are introducing airsoft devision of for their productline. Well know off course is Magpul with their PTS line-p. Others choose to license their products to for example Madbull Airsoft. Now there is good news, CAA Tactical entered the airsoft market with their very own airsoft devision. Here is their official announcement and we hope to receive their samples soon! Check out their airsoft CAD MAGS and a little teaser on their RONI Conversion kit! Convert your airsoft glock into a submachine in just seconds...

V Production Co. Ltd. is proudly announcing that now we are having the chance to work with one of the market leaders in the real firearm industry, the Command Arms Accessories!
After years of communicating and exchanging ideas and thoughts, we finally able to came together and formed the Command Arms Accessories Airsoft Division, to supply the Airsoft market with the state of the art, high quality, affordable products which users are looking forwarder to have.

The CAA Airsoft Division products are scrupulously made from top quality materials and the highest manufacturing standards and techniques. All products are carefully checked and tested before we send them out, and we believe that even the most finicky users will appreciate the finishing and quality of the items.
The first item we are launching is the CAA 360 rounds magazine for M4 AEG. The available color will be Black and Dark Earth.

Shortly right after, we will have the CAA RONI conversion kit available!!! We will have the whole series for most pistols available in market now. Here is a little intro clip to share:


There will be more items coming up shortly, in all categories and styles. Stay tune for more info update from the CAA Airsoft Division!

CAA Airsoft Division
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Notice their website is still under construction!)

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