Greek Airsoft: Goblin Deuce

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Double barreled airsoft shotgun

Greek Airsoft: Goblin Deuce

Great news, with the World War Z approaching, having the right tools for the job is a must. Want to blast them Zombies with 6mm BBs? Want to take them all at once? Want to eliminate the hordes of the Undead? Hhhmmm, guess we all do... That's where the Deuce Goblin comes into play.

The Deuce is a double barreled shotgun that is capable of firing many types of projectiles.

The Goblin Deuce features a rear loaded design similar to that of a real double barreled shotgun and is loaded the same way. The Deuce features a twin firing pin block with a barrel selector which allows the user to fire each barrel individually or fire both barrels at once for maximum fire power. Like other Goblin launchers, the Deuce is able to use multiple types of shells such as the standard 6mm airsoft BB shells, as well as paintball shells that are capable of firing one paintball. The Deuce is perfect for room clearing due to its 12 shot per barrel design and is sure to be the talk of the field due to its unique design and purpose. It's light and handy and its capable of using both Gas and Carbon Dioxide for the cold winter days.

Greetings, the Greek Airsoft Team.

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