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Intelligent ArmourThe latest news updates from Intelligent Armour Limited. Check out their new range of tactical goggles and jackets:

Ballistic Goggles

Intelligent Armour range of tactical goggles feature tough, hard-working lenses to protect you from the worst the world can throw at you whilst still maintaining comfort and with anti-fog coatings so your vision remains clear. All our military goggles and police goggles are suitable certified with ballistic grade lenses.

ESS Advancer V-12 Tactical Goggles 3 Lens Set

Adaptable goggles with inter-changeable coloured lenses.

The ESS Advancer V-12's ballistic lenses open and close to regulate ventilation and filtration. For the first time ever, a goggle that can adapt to its environment with a simple click of the lenses, increasing or decreasing airflow.

Price £114.00 (including VAT, excluding Shipping)

ESS Profile NVG Goggles- Low profile goggles with anti-fog

The ESS Profile NVG Goggles have all the advantages of a low-profile, night-vision-compatible frame, without sacrifices in dust filtration, field of view, impact protection, or anti-fog performance. ESS's flagship goggle, the patented Profile NVG is the only compact military / tactical goggle system with no compromises.

Price £60.00 (including VAT, excluding Shipping)

Tactical jackets

All Blackhawk Jackets, 5.11 Tactical Jackets and Fjallraven Jackets are suitable as Security jackets, Close Protection jackets and as Special Forces jackets.

Our comfortable and hard-wearing tactical jackets are available in various styles and weights to suit all requirements and climates. Some jackets can even be used together for increased protection.

5.11 Tactical Sabre Jacket in Moss Green

A breakthrough technology in outerwear material for law enforcement and military.

High tech meets tactical with 5.11's new Sabre Jacket in Moss Green. Bringing you breakthrough technology in outerwear material for law enforcement you and your gear will stay warm, dry, comfortable and ready for any situation.

Price £168.00 (including VAT, excluding Shipping)

Fjallraven Milton MT Jacket

Light, cool jacket with mesh lining and 11 pockets

The Fjallraven Milton MT Jacket is a lightweight, cool Fjallraven jacket with mesh lining. It offers 11 pockets, of which there is 1 sleeve pocket and 1 zippered inner pocket. It also features an adjustable waist and hem plus velcro sleeve cuffs and detachable / adjustable hood

Price £132.00 (including VAT, excluding Shipping)

Blackhawk Grid Fleece Jacket - Coyote Tan

The new tactical combat fleece from Blackhawk. Blackhawk Grid Fleece Jacket has been designed by Blackhawk to have a contoured, athletic fit for minimal bulk when wearing the fleece as a layer.

Price £57.60 (including VAT, excluding Shipping)

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