Introducing the KRYTAC SilencerCo Maxim 9

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Introducing the KRYTAC SilencerCo Maxim 9

October 10, 2022 – Brea, California, USA – KRYTAC®, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium performance airsoft replicas, announces their first gas powered airsoft gun, through an exclusive licensing agreement with SilencerCo®, the largest producer of firearms suppressors in the U.S.A., to create an airsoft version of the famous Maxim9 integrally suppressed pistol.

The SilencerCo® Maxim® 9, introduced in 2017, is the world’s first integrally suppressed 9mm pistol that is holster-able and hearing-safe with all types of ammunition. KRYTAC® have faithfully reproduced this groundbreaking handgun as a 6mm, green gas or CO2 powered, blowback airsoft pistol.

Construction of the KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 consists of a reinforced polymer frame with anodized aluminum slide and baffles. The baffles are modular, allowing for configuration between short (240mm) and long (275mm) versions, under the baffles are three keymod cut outs where a short rail section can be mounted. The fixed barrel is threaded to accept a special version of the Acetech Bifrost airsoft tracer unit, designed specifically for the KRYTAC® Maxim® 9, and featuring a special orange flame mode, exclusive to this model tracer. The KRYTAC® Maxim® 9 is micro dot optics ready with provisions for KRYTAC’s new multi-footprint mounting plate, accommodating for RMR®, RMR®cc, and RMS footprint optics. The KRYTAC® Maxim 9 can be fired in semi-auto or full-auto, and is fed through a lightweight aluminum magazine, with 24 rounds capacity.

“The first time I saw the SilencerCo® Maxim® 9, I knew it would be a fantastic platform for airsoft, and that KRYTAC®is uniquely positioned to create the best possible version,” states Tim Seargeant, KRYTAC® Marketing Manager. “It’s been a pleasure to partner with a like-minded, innovative company, like SilencerCo®, to reproduce their cutting-edge designs for the airsoft world. The unique shape of the Maxim® 9 allowed us to create a high performing airsoft pistol that’s loaded with features that could not be achievable with any other platform.”

“We’re excited for the opportunity to share our Maxim® 9 with the airsoft community,” said SilencerCo® Product Manager, Andrew Herbst.”KRYTAC® has done an amazing job of integrating desireable airsoft features without sacrificing the authenticity of the original Maxim® 9. The attention to detail and overall quality is exactly what we expect from the leading manufacturer of airsoft products. We look forward to partnering with KRYTAC® with the hopes of expanding into additoinal offerings in the future.”


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