IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015 Airsoft Meetup

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You are invited!

IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015 Airsoft Meetup

Indeed you are! We are proud to announce that the  Airsoft Meetup 2015 is definitely on! The annual gathering of airsoft media to listen and ask questions at the airsoft industry under one roof is going on its 4th year. This event takes place during the IWA & Outdoor Classics, the massive international outdoors, firearms, tactical gear, and airsoft event in Nuremberg, Germany.

The who's who in airsoft in Europe as well as internationally will be there, including some of the winners of the 5th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards as the awards ceremony takes place during the Airsoft Meetup.

If you are going to the IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015, then you're most definitely invited to Airsoft Meetup 2015. Please do take note of the schedule:

Airsoft Meetup
8 March 2015
1300H to 1630H
Hong Kong Room
Nürnberg, Messe
Nuremberg, Germany


Please download this image showing the location of the Hong Kong Room:

Anyone who has access as a trade or media visitor to the IWA & Outdoor Classics 2015 and has interest in airsoft can attend the Airsoft Meetup:

Exhibitors (Airsoft Manufacturers, Tactical Gear Makers, Distributors etc.)
If you are an exhibitor at the IWA 2015 & Outdoor Classics with the airsoft market as one of your segments, you are invited to join us and mingle and given the opportunity to present your products or plans either via slide presentation or a "show and tell" to the airsoft media and other interested individuals and purchasers. If you intend to give a presentation, please contact us immediately so that we can schedule it (15 minutes). We still are still searching for some additional speakers.

Airsoft Media
This meet-up is also for the airsoft media such as magazines, blogs, and news sites to touch base and compare notes with one another. Most have been cooperative with one another, and this meetup will help them discuss in an informal way on how to improve airsoft reporting for the airsoft community and the general public.

Airsoft Enthusiasts
You're also welcome to attend and watch since after all, you're the main target market for the abovementioned groups. So if you want to look at the latest presentations and plans, then you might want to include the airsoft meetup in your schedule whilst attending IWA 2015 & Outdoor Classics.

There are limited slots for this meetup as we have 75 seats available. In order to get your seat, better get your ticket now.

See you in Germany in March!

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