King Arms M4 Troy CQB A3 Combat AEG

Details of the TROY CQB A3 Compact AEG

    * Full Metal AEG
    * 7mm Bearing Gear Box.
    * 7' Free Floating Forearm Rail System
    * 10.5' One Piece Outer Barrel
    * Bolt Lock System
    * 300 Rds Magazine Included
    * Weight: 2.8kg
    * Length: 67-75cm


    * This model comes with a nice grip, with pressure switch possibilities.
    * Rail covers are included!
    * A hi-cap magazine is included
    * The bolt catch/lock system is a nice feature
    * Comes standard with a good crane stock
    * Nice BUIS Rear Sight (Troy Folding Battle sight)
    * Nice tight fit with Marui and CA mags (Perhaps even better than the KA mag)


    * There is too much wobble in the crane stock.
    * The hi-cap magazine filling cap has a different, less durable design.
    * The selector switch is way too smooth.
    * FPS comes at 310 FPS, this should be at least 330FPS standard.
    * Hard installation of the battery in the Crane Stock

The Verdict

We were impressed by the overall construction of this AEG from King Arms. There are however a few downsides that we have taken note of. Also many many possitive items we mentioned. This AEG is rock solid, comes very complete and has a good competitive pricing. So overall a good AEG from King Arms, hope they can supprise us even more with great AEG models.

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