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Release EU planned early August 2017!


Yesterday we had our first livestream session! We really enjoyed it, thanks for watching all and firing all those questions to us. Phano_B_Airsoft joined the livestream and we had a 60 minutes talk about the Vector AEG. Check our facebook page where you can still watch our first episode. 

For those interested in all those answers, continue reading!


Daniël Selij · Could you show the trigger response with a couple of semi shots?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Quite heavy pull

Daniël Selij · Is it possible to fit the official flashlight in the front?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Nope. Use the bottom or side rails.

Stijn Vanengelgem · Not realy compatible with hpa engines at the moment due the not in line cylinder?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Nope not now. Perhaps in the future!

Fredrik Senchoo Szakacs · What threading does it have? 14mm negative?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Confirmed! Indeed 14mm negative!

Ruben Spaltman · When is the release date in Europe
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Begin August 2017 for EU. The Vector is ready for the USA market on July 1st!

In general: Price point?
NLAIRSOFT.COM . 449 USD in the USA. Around 500 EURO in EU. Mag around 25-30 EURO.

Maurice van Ravensteijn · Will it bother the neighbours??
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Nope! Guaranteed neighbour ;)

Pedro van Helden ·Which gun is best?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Vector AEG off course;)

Daniël Selij · Why did you guys already get it?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · We want to make a review! :)

Bas Landsmeer · Were is the battery compartment?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · In the grip. Enough space for an 11.1V LiPo 1100mah.

Daniël Selij · Will the short mags come out?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Not during the initial release. Maybe later. There isn’t much space for a short mag…

Dominique Kruis · Whats the fire rate?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Really fast. The burst is so fast you almost can't hear it's a 3 round burst

Jeffrey Vanv: Do you know how much a magazine cost?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Around 25 USD. 25-30 EURO.

Ruben Spaltman · Can you shoot it now ?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Check! Single-burst-full auto.

Ruben Spaltman · How much fps ?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · 330-350 FPS. M120 spring.

Jamey Bierman · 11.1v.... LiPo?
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Yes. LiPo ready!

Dominique Kruis · Will it be a giveaway? :D
NLAIRSOFT.COM · Maybe! Maybe add it to my private collection.

In general: Any additional colors planned? White/OD/TAN?
NLAIRSOFT.COM Color is being considered but no specific color yet

In general: Is the schroud available for the Vector AEG?
Due to weight balance issues. 

In general: How is the weight distribution?
Perfect! The platform is really stable and well balanced. 

Krytac has replaced one Takedown pin with a security Pin with screw. This is for Warranty and preventing people to change spring on the fly. If you really want to have both Takedown pin on the bottom, Switch the security pin with the one on folding stock! :)

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