Krytac Alpha SDP & CRB details

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Check all details! Expected launch EU in Sept. 2016!

Krytac Alpha SDP & CRB details

The more affordable AEGs from Krytac, such as the Alpha SDP and Alpha CRB are in the hands of Jonathan Higgs and NLAIRSOFT.COM for review! This gun is aimed for Japan and Europe and will be a big hit for sure... Already released in the USA, and the official release in Europe will be somewhere around September 2016 already!

We get a look at the 255-275 USD Alpha line from Krytac to see what the new budget lineup means for you as player, and if the internals and externals still live up to the Krytac quality reputation. And they sure do! We still consider this gun to be lower section high-end ;)

We got a lot of questions regarding the new Alpha series. What Jonathan isn't mentioning is that the Alpha line-up doesn't have a special coating on the gearbox. So the gearbox color is just like everyone else. To be cleaer about the spring configuration, the Alpha is based on a m85-m90 spring setup, so 7.4v or 9.6v should be use in these guns. However, you can swap out the spring to m110 or m120 at max! Than you are able to use a 11.1v LiPo battery. If you want to go to a M130 level, you just need to switch the motor to a default Krytac 30K motor (or any high torque motor) and that's it!

You can even order a metal flash hider at Krytac to upgrade the Trident and Alpha's. More questions? Let us know!

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