MAXX Model ICS hopup by Skirmshop

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MAXX Model ICS hopup by Skirmshop

Lucky ICS owners please pay some attention. At Skirmshop they had a plan for 3 years about manufacturing the best hopup for ICS airsoft guns but could not find any suitable company who could create this. They teamed up with MAXX Model company who has a long history of manufacturing RC helicopters and drones. Together we made this hopup unit for all ICS enthousiastics who want to take their Hopup system to a next level. Costs involved are around 70 EURO. 

- Machined from 1 solid aircraft aluminum block with tight tolerances to provide better accuracy, consistency, and durability.
- Specifically designed for ICS CXP/CS4/EBB M4/M16 Airsoft Rifle series.
- Designed with BB Latching System for automatically locking BBs into the Hopup Chamber to prevent dropping BBs after removing the magazine
- Automatically opening Latch for fast shooting after the magazine is re-inserted
- Manually opening Latch to release BBs from the Hopup Chamber by hand
- Dial Knob built-in for precise adjustments
- Specially re-engineered the Hopup Arms to work with R-hop, Flat-Hop and Standard-Hop precisely and consistently
- Removable Brass Threaded Slot Pin for adjustment and maintenance
- Accepts wide range of Air Seal Nozzle's length from 20.50mm to 21.00mm
- Fully compatible with most aftermarket soft and hard rubber bucking without losing FPS or dropping BBs
- Equipped with 3 O-rings, 3 Compression Springs on top, at bottom and in center of housing to ensure the hopup unit is exactly centered, straight and air tight at all times
- Equipped with 2 Vinyl Covers on both sides of hopup housing to prevent dust and view the BBs that left inside the hopup chamber
- LED and Electronic Modules will be sold seperate or in a set to make it a tracer unit.

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