MICH Replica Helmet

Common information
The MICH (Modular Integrated communications Helmet) TC 2000 is the replacement for the PASGT. The MICH is now used by the US Army/Airforce along with many other units around the would. It comes in tan or olive for a desert or woodland environment. Remark that the helmet is a replica! It can not by used as real head protection!

The shell is made of high impact ABS plastic and has a rough finish to it. The MICH has an updated suspension system which consists of 7 soft pads that fit in to the helmet by means of 16 Velcro disks so the fit can be tailored to the wearer. This really enables you to suit the helmet for your own use. You don't need to focus on your equipment anymore but you can focus on the mission!

The inside of the MICH helmet, you can clearly see all the 7 soft pads...

The helmet is held on to the head by means of a 4 point system with a neck pad and opens with one Fastex clip.


Side view of the MICH helmet

Front view of the MICH helmet

This helmet got everything you might expect from a helmet. Comfort, weight en usage are just fine. The helmet also looks durable and certainly suiteble for airsoft employment. The helmet only comes in tan and olive drap but you are able to buy several kinds of helmet covers in your favorite camouflage. So this won't be a problem. Even nightvision tools can be mounted on the helmet! So the helmet certainly has a lot of functionality. A nice addition to your equipment. However I still prefer a boonie head or cap, just because the looks and the weight.

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