New: Dynamic Action Sport (DAS)

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A new Airsoft Team Competition Concept

New: Dynamic Action Sport (DAS)

A video is being spread around regarding a new team sport for airsoft. The video, produced by PTS, introduces Dynamic Action Sport (DAS) as a team based competitive sport using the latest technology. DAS is the latest in the line of proposed game formats for team-based competition in airsoft. Whilst team-based airsoft shooting competitions, whether force on force or tactical shooting, have been around, there is no set standard of team-based competition that is followed by airsoft players worldwide.



The only competitive sport for airsoft that has a worldwide appeal is airsoft practical shooting, or if we take IPSC's official designation, "Action Air." The success of airsoft practical shooting is based on already proven and accepted standards worldwide through the IPSC and the ability for practical shooters to transition from both real steel and airsoft. The next big event that is scheduled for airsoft practical shooting will the Airsoft Surgeon Practical Shooting European Championships in October of this year.

DAS will stress on teamwork and of course tactical skills, expecting team members to be able to work under pressure in a 360-degree shooting environment. Most of the description on the YouTube page, is frankly, still generic as there had been airsoft  team competitions with the same descriptions. Whilst the video is impressive in tactical movements, information is still sorely lacking and I was hoping to learn the following rules/standards: team compositions, points/scoring system, officiating,  team member roles (if any), accepted equipment, age requirements, and so forth…

Again, if we are basing on the video, it does really look interesting as apart from shooting skills, there is proper tactical movement seen only in real world tactical training.  Will the team be judged on how they approached an objective as part of the problem solving skills, or will this be another "Combat Missions" type which has proven to be an effective team competition format in the Philippines in the "Kalis" series of airsoft tournaments?

We'll find out more when the first batch of the DAS events will happen which we don't know when.


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