New Madbull DD Outer Barrels

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Daniel Defense Outer Barrels

New Madbull DD Outer Barrels

Madbull Airsoft is proud to announce our latest product, the licensed steel Daniel Defense Outer Barrels. This airsoft version is licensed and completely made of machined steel including some origional markings! Continue reading for more detailed info...

About real Daniel Defense barrels:
All Daniel Defense cold hammer forged barrels are made from start to finish in our state-of-the-art facility located in Black Creek, GA. In keeping with our heritage of not cutting corners, all cold hammer forged barrels feature a forged chamber and heavy phosphate exterior coating. They are all MP tested on-site and are available in multiple configurations. These barrels will prove themselves to be more accurate and last longer than a barrel that has cut or button rifling."

Airsoft version: MadBull licensed DD barrels are made of machined steel.

Key Features:
- Authentic Daniel Defense markings
- Machined steel for realistic weight (heavier than aluminum barrel)
- Phosphate finish, like real steel

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