Official ICS CXP-APE announcement

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As seen during SHOT SHOW and IWA 2015!

Official ICS CXP-APE announcement

We already checked this item during IWA 2015. However ICS is now ready and did send out an official message to airsofters worldwide. They are proud to present this latest ICS new product for 2015, the CXP-APE. This CXP-APE is their latest design which jumps out the boundary of the ICS M4 series. They adapt many unique features on this model to distinguish with the others, with an impressive result. Continue reading and check further details...

Key Features:
- New ICS EBB (Electronic Blow Back) System.
- Split Gearbox.
- One-piece CNC Upper Receiver.
- Rear Wire Version.
- 5 Positions Keymod Handguard.
- 3 Ways Magazine Release.
- Bolt Cover can be fixed to the rear to adjust hop-up.
- Large Battery Room in Stock.
- Adjustable Cheek Rest Folding Stock.
- Ambi-Charging Handle.
- Ambi-Fire Selector.
- MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Pinion and Bevel Gears.
- POM (Polyoxymethylene (Acetal)) Piston with Ventilation Piston Head.
- One-piece Hop-up Chamber.

Princing and availability are not yet known! Btw, ICS also launched their new Wordpress website. Feel free to check it out at the link below...

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