Official native app launched!

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UPDATE: Our native apps are discontinued!

Official native app launched!

Today we launch our official mobile application! The future is mobile, therefore we launched our very own mobile application. User friendly and fast! Available now for free at the Apple iPhone iTunes store or Google Play store!

Continue reading to know all the details about the app!

This app features a bright and fast design according to our latest rebranding. This app is packed with features and even more features will be added soon!

  • A news section including breaking news with push notifications
  • A detailed event list with all the event information you need
  • Latest youtube video's from mayor Airsoft youtube channels
  • Pics and photo's form our Instagram account.
  • Social feeds from our Facebook and Twitter account
  • A basic FAQ section for those who just started the sport.
  • Important weblinks
  • Contact details

Feel free to test the app, we love to hear your feedback! Feel free to place a comment with your suggestions.

UPDATE December 2014 (Version 1.2.0)

  • New Feature: Added SHOT SHOW 2015 special news blog in the news section
  • New Feature: Added the complete website review section in the app.
  • New Feature: Added the NLAIRSOFT.COM team in the app section "The Team"

UPDATE Februari 2015 (Version 1.3.0)

  • New Feature: Switched SHOT SHOW feed with IWA 2015 feed!
  • New Feature: Improved Youtube section
  • Known issues: Reviews section article's are not properly displayed. We are working on it!

UPDATE April 2015 (Version 1.4.0)

  • Improved push notification management
  • Register your own account in the app and adjust several settings like push frequency etc. 
  • Several minor bug and performance issues fixed.

UPDATE December 2015 (Version 1.11.0 / 54,3 MB)

  • Fixed several youtube channel shut down issues. 
  • Added compatibility to iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. 
  • New splash screen with loading... indication. 
  • General performance improvements. App is more snappy.
  • Content updates.
  • Added Google+ to social media channels.

UPDATE Februari 2016 (Version 1.12.0 / 54,3 MB)

  • Fixed some styling issues with NLAIRSOFT colors.
  • Included Youtube media in news articles. 
  • Included external links in news articles. 
  • Removed author tag in news articles. 
  • Weblinks section updated.

UPDATE March 2016 (Version 1.13.0 / 54,3 MB)

  • Improved Youtube usage and updated channels. 
  • Introduced Youtube Editor Pick section. Suggestions are welcome! ;)
  • Local coupon codes!
    In this version we will introduce a pilot with local coupon codes. Get your coupon at your local dealer. We start the pilot with several Dutch en Belgium stores. Hopefully more stores will follow soon!

Do not see any changes? We advice you to delete and re-install the app please!

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