PDI Japan: Trident Muzzle Brake

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Tomo from PDI Japan sent in some details regarding their Trident Muzzle Brake. It is amust have for all the tacticool snipers out there. It was designed for the M24 SWS, can be fitted onto the CA or PDI version of it. More, as usual right bellow...


Today I have a PDI new muzzle brake for Classic Army or PDI made M24 called Trident muzzle brake.

 PDI Trident Muzzle Brake

PDI make the REAL style to make up M24. esearched many real pictures & finally found this trident model but CA (or also PDI) M24 is used Bull Barrel style,so designed the muzzle to fit bull barrel.

More information is please access to SPRING LOCK.

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