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Redwolf Airsoft LogoHere is the latest news update from our sponsor Redwolf Airsoft, some great new peaces of equipment. Check esspecially the TOP M4A1 which is a shell ejecting AEG!! Also the GHK AKM GBB is on pre-order now... Ceck all the details below:






Top M4A1 (Shell Ejecting AEG)

Redwolf TOP M4A1 Shell ejecting AEG

Marushin M1 Carbine (8mm)

Marushin U.S.M1 Carbine MAXI (6mm)

Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE 10 inch Biohazard Leon Custom (Limited Edition)


PGC Metal Slide with Screw Barrel for Marui Model 17 (Black)


Socom Gear PWS M4 MK112 12inch AEG

Hurricane XPS3 HOLO SIGHT (Red Dot Scope)

MADBULL Surefire Mini 5 silencers_MADBULL_Surefire_Mini_5_mock silencer_Foam_version.htm

GHK AKM GBB (Pre-Order)

VFC H&K MP7A1 mock silencer (Umarex Licensed) silencers_VFC_H_K_MP7A1_mock silencer_Umarex_Licensed.htm


More information at their website Poland

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