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RedWolf does Facebook now!

RedWolf does Facebook now!


Become a fan of RedWolf Airsoft!  Not only will you get regular updates on what’s happening over at RedWolf with our reviews, bite the bullet articles and new video updates.  But you will also get Facebook specific raffle draws every 1000 fans they get on their page!

The first draw has already been done and a lucky guy over in France will be claiming his SocomGear 1911 MEU sometime soon with us and with our fan base figures on Facebook reaching almost 6000, we’ll soon be making the next draw for our lucky winner.  Sign in to Facebook now and become a fan today! 

In every purchase of the AI Tornado Grenade, a free spoon kit and maintenance kit will also be supplied along with your AI Tornado Grenade.  This offer expires on the 31st August, make your order now before the offer ends!

Promotion includes the following:

  • Tornado Grenade
  • 50ml Grenade Oil
  • Valve Key, Valve Cover
  • Spoon Head, Spoon Delay Port Plug, Spoon, Locking Spoon Grenade Pin
  • Spoon Maintenance Kit: Valve Cover, Fill Valve, O-Ring Set, Blow Out Plug, Spoon Pin

Also, there are only a few days left on the August Deals of the Month where you can save up to 50% and check out the 40% prize reduction for their HFC Dark Hawk! Poland

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