RWA Threaded Outer Barrel

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Convert Your 1911 To An Operator Class Pistol

RWA Threaded Outer Barrel

Here ia the latest product available from RWA – RWA Threaded Outer Barrel with Threaded Cover. We know that a lot of airsofters prefer to run 1911 as their side arm while they play airsoft. However, airsofters that use Cybergun/ Elite Force/ KWC 1911 could never find a solution to install a mock suppressor or tracer on their pistols… Until now!

The RWA Threaded Outer Barrel will fit all the RWA/ KWC/ Cybergun/ Elite Force Co2 1911 series, and it is the same spec as the RWA Nighthawk Custom Covert Ops. The threaded barrel has a 14mm Counter-Clockwise threading, so it will fit the majority of airsoft suppressors in the market. This airsoft outer barrel will be a great addition to any airsofters who enjoy threaded barrel instead of standard flush barrels.

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