SocomGear: Daniel Defense M4 MFR 12"/9"/7" AEG

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SocomGear: Daniel Defense M4 MFR 12

The Daniel Defense MFR is a fully licensed, fully custom, fully loaded AEG right out of the box! And we like it here at!

It comes in 7”, 9” and 12” length rail options. The gun comes with fully licensed trademarks for Daniel Defense and features the Daniel Defense MFR(Modular Float Rail). This rail is a light-weight CNC Machined Modular Free Float Handguard. It is specifically designed to adequately cover a low profile gas block on a carbine or mid-length gas system barrel. The full metal body’s dust cover features a dust cover that is engraved with the word “Infidel” and the US Flag, very nice details on this AEG. Continue reading to check out all the details!

Package include:
- 1 x DD MFR
- 1 x Hicap Magazine

- Daniel Defense Trades
- Full metal body
- Shoots 400 FPS out of the box
- Comes with the DD MFR rail
- Light weight Free float rail system
- Engraved Dust Cover with the US Flag and the word “Infidel”
- Picatinny Rail Sections at standard 90 degree or offset angles.

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