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SYSTEMA logoKumi at SYSTEMA Engineering has sent an email with some very detailed news regarding the anniversary (20 years already!) complete mecha box. Lot's of details are provided, which is ectually a nice read! SYSTEMA is well known because of the PTW series and high quality upgrade parts which set a standard in the airsoft industry. We hope they stay with us for at least another 20 years! :)


SYSTEMA C.M.B. Special Limited Model

Thank you very much for your continued patronage to our products. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary next year.

Although it is a little earlier, as our gratitude to the customers, we will release the limited model of Complete Mecha Box, which is the starting point of SYSTEMA and the collection of SYSTEMA parts, and carries all our know-how of manufacturing and assembly. This time, we also introduce the detail of manufacturing and assembly for a change.



(1) Casting of the mecha BOX case

Mecha BOX is the product made from the casting called die-casting. Die-casting is the casting method to pour melted metal into the metal models as adding pressure. By applying pressure to material, it enables more detailed fabrication. However it is not perfect just because it is pressed. When material is poured into the mold, material is cooled rapidly, and it may not be able to secure enough density also inside the product because of the difference in temperature. Especially in complicated shape like the mecha BOX, if material density of the portion which requires high strength such as the joining section with HOP chamber decreases, it also becomes the cause of generating the "hollow" which is not visible from the surface. So, we devised to the mold structure in order to improve the flow of the material inside the mold. The portion which sets the cylinder is the shape which can be normally formed by the mold, but we intentionally plug up this portion so that material can go through. This portion is cut off by post forming press processing. With this manufacture method, tough mecha BOX case is completed, which has enough power for the powerful spring tension.


(2) The setting of the bearing

SYSTEMA parts got customers’ trust for manufacture of the gears. However no matter how much we may pursue the accuracy of the gear as single article, if the accuracy of the gear BOX set is bad, there is no meaning. Since we control the completion size at the time of fabrication as much as possible from the design phase of the mold as mentioned above, we can secure a certain relief. However, the setting process of the bearing tends to be overlooked. I imagine customers will punch it to the case with pin punch etc after purchasing. If it is one, it is possible to secure certain accuracy by careful work, but it is impossible for mass production. Then, we have the jig in the picture. It is a machine called hand-press. It works by hand as the name suggests. For this portion, we intentionally avoid mechanization by use of the air pressure press etc. We value "response" when bearing enters to the case. If you look at the pictures in order, I think that you can understand how careful we work for setting of the bearing.


(3) Screw is tightened with regular torque.
The one in the picture is the torque driver. It is the tool to prevent from adding more torque power than pre-specified to the screw. Although it is natural, for the work which uses screws, the power differs by workers. It is natural consideration in order to equalize quality.


(4) It has played an active part for years.
The spring guide with bearing is the best seller which is especially popular among our parts line up. The one in the picture is jig currently used when assembling the guide portion. With this jig, the guide portion has right angle with the base properly. It got dignity by long years of use.


(5) It is just a screw but important.
The one in the picture is the screw which we produce and use specially for the mecha BOX assembly. There are long and short; opposite side distance of both are 2.5 mm, which is designed to use a slightly bigger hexagonal wrench for M3 screw. It is because it is possible to tighten by stronger power. When you had to disassemble due to emergency trouble, please set the attached wrench as right-angled as possible and loosen the screw. Since opposite side distance is larger, the hexagon socket of these two types of exclusive screws is produced more shallowly than the regular size. Therefore, if the wrench is put in aslant, it easily slips.


(6) Two motors like gem
This time, we offer three grades; standard with M120 spring, expert with M130 spring, and professional with M150 spring limited to M4. Please see the list for detailed specification. Among these specifications, we selected ENERGY motor for the expert specification, and A to Z motor for the professional specification. We are self-confident that these two motors are the excellent pieces which concentrate the essence of our motor manufacture technique.


(7) Many fine tuning

This time, since it is the limited model, we added fine tuning to everywhere, which is different from our theory in tuning we have told. Shooting feeling of the finished product is the first priority, and we selected parts without prejudice by the grade. As an example, for the standard, with aluminum piston head and the cylinder whose volume is a bit smaller than standard, it produces intense discharge sound which cannot be imagined at the spring rate, And, we use bore up cylinder for the expert and tune as giving priority to power. For the professional grade, we use chromium molybdenum machined pinion gear for the motor as standard. Any grades are finished with appropriate specification for 20th Anniversary Model.



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