Systema Energy Series. Available at RedWolf Airsoft today!

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That's right guys and girls, With the recent announcement from Systema regarding their 'Energy' line of products, we've managed to pick up the complete line of Energy products to go on our shelves.
Is this another upgrade from the Systema revolution gearbox they launched some time back?

Ranging from gearboxes, pistons, cylinders, gears to motors plus many more other smaller parts.  You can dramatically transform your AEG into something new, something different and definitely more efficient.  If you've read the previous news post regarding Systema's line of products please feel free to check it out again [url=""]here[/url].  That page includes static data for the motor performance under a few variables that definitely make this an interesting read.

There are plenty of gearbox parts in the Energy Series made for your AEGs, to find out more about these products please click the link below.

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