The Essential Guide to Airsoft Gear

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A mind blowing 144 pages on AIRSOFT GEAR!

The Essential Guide to Airsoft Gear

This upcoming title from Osprey Publishing is really cool. Produced in association with Airsoft International magazine, The Essential Guide to Airsoft Gear provides the perfect introduction to assembling some of the most sought-after gear you need to look the part on the skirmish field. A mind blowing 145 pages, 13 chapters of inspiration, complete with shopping lists to get you started! Very interesting for both beginners into Airsoft and also veteran players. Job well done, a must to check out!

Featuring iconic loadouts from units such as 22 SAS at the time of Bravo Two Zero, US Army Rangers and Delta at the Battle of Mogadishu, through to the modern-day Russian Special Forces of the Alpha Group, this book covers in detail how to recreate the uniforms and equipment worn by each troop type and explains how to source the different elements from Airsoft kit retailers. This is the definitive guide to some of the most popular and distinctive loadouts ever seen on the skirmish fields of the Airsoft world.

BINDING: Hardback
DIMENSIONS: 280 x 215mm
CONTENTS: 144 full colour pages
PRICE: £20 / US $25 / CAN $34
TITLE: The Essential Guide to Airsoft Gear
ISBN: 9781472846396
AVAILABLE: January 2021


What is Airsoft?
Get Started in Airsoft!
Chapter 1. US ODA Scud Hunters
Chapter 2. Bravo Two Zero
Chapter 3. Black Hawk Down
Chapter 4. SBS at the Battle for Qala-i-Janghi
Chapter 5. Old-School Force Recon
Chapter 6. Special Air Service Regimen
Chapter 7. Kommando Spezialkräfte
Chapter 8. Task Force Black
Chapter 9. MARSOC
Chapter 10. Seal Team 6
Chapter 11. CTSFO 2019
Chapter 12. US Army Delta
Chapter 13. Alpha Group
Top Five FAST Helmets

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