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Ever since I have been into Airsoft, I have always wanted an AK-47. It is a gun of every single major war in the last 50 years, featured in nearly every action movie, and just looks cool. When I finally moved from springer guns to AEG’s, the AK-47 was my natural choice for a first gun. I had heard it was a sturdy gun, just like the real steel, shot fairly accurate for a stock gun, and had a nice high capacity clip.

First Impressions
When you hold the AK-47, you feel a nice solid gun. There is absolutely no body flex to speak of. The gun has a high metal content, and the fake wood is simulated very well. On the full stock version, the version tested for this review, the large battery is held in the butt stock. There is plenty of room in there for an 8.4v battery, but do not expect to fit any 9.6v battery over 1600mAh in it.

There are not many trademarks to speak of, but that is because there have been so many manufacturers of the AK-47 over the last half century, that even half of them don’t have trademarks. There is, however, writing is Russian on the gun. On the selector switch, the different firing modes are written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Weighing in at around 5lbs., this is a fairly heavy assault rifle. The length is very long at 875mm, not a CQB weapon at all. The size comparison between it and a P90 can be seen in the figure.

The Hop-Up is the easiest to adjust in any AEG I have ever seen. You simply pull back on the dust cover, and move a slide. Pull it back if you want it to go up, push it forward if you want less hop-up effect.

For the accuracy portion of the review I used Airsoft elite .20g bb’s and a Sanyo 8.4v 1500mah Battery that has been fully charged.

The first test I wanted to see how it grouped with single fire mode. As you can see in fig. 6 that the accuracy is ok, not the best but not too bad either. The grouping turned out to be just about 1.2 inches on average, not bad at all.

On the figure you can see the results of full auto fire of the AK-47. The grouping is still not bad and it even has a shot in the very middle.  Overall I find the accuracy of the AK-47 very good, very pleasing, and compared to other Guns, it’s above average.

Like all Tokyo Marui AEG’s they all seem to have the same fps no matter what the model because they all use the same stock internals. The AK-47 is no exception. As you can see in the picture, the average fps I got was 268, normal for most AEG’s. Please note that Marcus’ AK-47 is almost 2 years old, and to maintain this power in such a long period of time is astonishing.

Overall, the Tokyo Marui AK-47 is a great gun for beginner and veteran alike. I have had my AK-47 for about two years completely stock, and not a single thing has gone wrong with it. If that is not durable, then I do not know what is. There are not as many accessories for the AK-47 compared to other guns, but there are still a few. You can get, for instance, an RIS, scope mount and double magazine holders for it, but if you want a highly accessorized gun that has a ton of after market parts, then get an M4A1-RIS. If you want a gun that is durable, has a fast rate of fire, not a run of the mill at many fields, and with a very high capacity clip (600 rounds), then the AK-47 is the gun for you.  I will write a follow-up when I get the gun upgraded, and perform the same tests. Until then, good luck on the field.

UPDATE:Here a little update from Maxim Baele, which reports that he is succesfully using a 9.6V battery pack in the TM AK47. This makes the replica a lot more attractive. He is using a medium-type 9.6v 2200Mah from Begadi. He did minor change on the batteries and they fitted perfect. So take this into consideration guys!

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