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Tokyo Marui has done it again, and this time they didn’t make another variant of a Colt (Thank God). Marui has decided this time around to continue an old series the sig. With the old SIG’s failing and many problems documented, Marui went back to the drawing board to make a new SIG, the SIG 552. Hoping this time it wouldn’t fail like the rest of them.

Back in 1997 when the SIG series was created by Marui, it seemed like a sure hit. It was different than all of Marui’s AEG’s, it sported the coveted 3 round burst. Although it seemed like a sure hit, it wasn’t. Taking down the gun was a hassle, the internals were of low quality parts, the stick battery made upgrading a hassle, not to mention limited to low capacity shooting, and the three round burst has been known to blow the fuse. It almost seemed like Marui rushed in creating the SIG, thus leading to many consumer complaints, and leading to the discontinuation of the production of the SIG series. Fast Forward 6 years later, and Marui attempted to try the SIG series, this time trying a tried and true formula of the reliable Version 3 yet again, and removing the 3 burst function. But is the wait worth it? Let’s find out…

First Impressions
At first glance, the gun is smaller than I thought. Holding it is very comfortable like most small guns similar to the MP5 series. The front barrel is very short, giving this gun a CQB feel, if you are looking for a field rifle this may not be the right gun for range, but more likely a gun that is used for close quarters.
The stock is like your average Marui stock. The folding stock is a great addition to the gun, making the gun really short and maneuverable.

The charging handle is a nice addition to the gun, as you can see in the picture is an actual handle like the AK-47 series, making it easy to access the Hop-up unit.


The hop unit is similar to the AUG hop unit, a rolling adjusting hop-up. I prefer the AK-47 hop-up unit, but I guess this is ok and easy to adjust.


Removing the hand guard to put the battery is a snap. Simply take out the pin, pull back the bottom hand guard, and the top removes easily. Although Marui recommends using the new s-type battery for the SIG 552, I see no reason for buy a mini that has a Marui label on it. Instead, a regular mini 8.4v 600mah battery will suffice and fits perfectly as seen in the picture.




Now here is something new, the loader. The loader is the most innovative loader I have ever seen. All you need to do is load it like a hicap, put it in the standard mag hole and push down the button until it is loaded, kind of like a plunger. I only wish Marui would sell these separately, as it is more innovative than the SIG 552 itself, and not to mention a lot cheaper than buying an electric auto loader






The magazines, including the hicap has the capability of putting themselves together, for easy reloading, with out buying a separate dual mag clamp.



The trigger guard is an innovative thing. It can easily be flipped up for when you wear gloves, and closed when you are not. No tools required to flip up and down the trigger guard.




The sights are very similar to the sight of an MP5, but a little cooler. The front sight has 2 modes, I am not sure if you can see it but the middle part can be flipped up to be ticker, which I believe is for longer range, and the thin one is for close quarters.



The back sight are adjustable like the MP5, looking in a small hole and aligning it with the front sight.


Like most new Marui guns, the Flash hider can be easily removed so you can add a silencer or tracer unit.


The rail on the gun allows the option of putting the PEQ-2 Laser box, for using a larger battery and the laser can be easily adjusted and zeroed from the side.




In testing I used a hicap and the standard, a fully charged 8.4v 600mah battery, and Airsoft Elite .20g bb’s

Out of the box the gun’s hop up isn’t set well, which would explain the crappy grouping I have. But once adjusted the average grouping is a little under 1 inch, a definite plus.

The power is above the average FPS of a Marui gun. 284.6 fps being the high and 276.3 is the low. Not bad at all.



                        Low                                                                 High

Comparison to other AEG’s, it is very small. It’s about the size of the g36c, but a little smaller. But compared to the G3 SG-1, the difference can be seen.


Marui has done it again, and this SIG is a great gun to have in your collection. The version 3 gearbox makes this gun shoot super smooth, and the rate of fire is great with eg1000. The gun really has no outstanding flaw, as expected from Marui, except for the exception of the small battery compartment, which can be easily solved the PEQ-2 Battery box. We have yet to upgrade the gun, and I will update you when we do. But so far Marui has made a successful SIG.

The Keeper (Dexter)

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