Unit 13 - New location in Sittard The Netherlands

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Unit 13 - New location in Sittard The Netherlands

2014 was a rough year for Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures. First time in their history they needed to cancel an event. Unit 13 decided to take a complete different approach from now on. Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures will launch a complete new concept very soon! High quality events, totally in style as we are used to with their 7 years of experience. A unique airsoft experience for a great day of fun! Continue reading to check out this new location!

All this is about to happen in a complete new airsoft compound in Sittard, The Netherlands, located on an old Philips terrain. Since December 2014 they worked 40 hours a week to prepare this airsoft location. Appart from the biggest indoor terrain in Europe, the terrain will have a Unit 13 shop and restaurant.

To celebrate this milestone only 70 VIP entrance passes are available in the Unit 13 webshop. Order you VIP entrance pass for just 52,50 EURO (instead of 108 EURO). For more details head over to the Unit 13 shop:

Check the interesting teaser below! More information will be available over time.

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