Virtual-Shot Massive Platform Update

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Impressive new Graphics and new ranges added!

Virtual-Shot Massive Platform Update

Virtual-Shot’s biggest update is now in live! For both iOS and Android. New Graphics and new ranges have been added to the app for you to enjoy. They did some impressive work on the grahics quality. Take a first look at some right here and get excited to play and train even more. 

The best thing of all, the hardware requirements stay the same! So no mayor phone update needed, just update the app! 

"The Idea for Virtual-Shot started back in 2010 when one of the founding members was serving as an Infantry Officer in the Australian Army. He had just been appointed as a Mentoring Team Commander tasked to deploy to Afghanistan. He had 4 months to prepare his team for a 9 month deployment to an isolated patrol base in Uruzgan province Afghanistan where they would patrol with, mentor and train the Afghanistan Army. Learn more at their website…"

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